Monday, November 24, 2014

Glittered Leaf Ornaments

Remember last week when I kept going on and on about nature themed décor and altering natural elements? Yeah, I’m at it again.

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Earlier this fall I picked up a package of flat leaves at the Dollar Store thinking they’d be perfect for crafting – and they are, but I didn’t think the first project I’d be sharing with you would be a Christmas ornament!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Painted Feather Ornaments

Paint dipped feathers are being used in home décor every where you turn these days so why not turn this trend into an ornament?

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I’ve been loving the minimalist look lately and one of the decorating elements it uses is altered nature pieces, think painted branches, faux animal trophy, yarn bombed rocks, and of course feathers. Most of the feathers I’ve seen are dipped and/or painted using gold paint, which I will show in the video though it’s hard to see because of the brightness issue (sorry). To give the project a holiday feel I also used red and green paints to decorate the feathers. While I used a simple Christmas ornament hook for hanging you could also use colored wire (find it at your local dollar store) to keep with the festive feel!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rolled Magazine Ornaments

Rolled Magazine Ornaments #CraftLightning #NUO2014 #recycledcrafts

Rolled magazine pages are a classic recycled crafting resource, there’s just so much you can do with them! After you’ve rolled up a page or two it only takes a few minutes to glue them together and create unique ornaments like these! In fact since it took me less than 15 minutes to put these two together they’re the perfect Craft Lightning – Holiday Edition Series project!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wood Bead Ornaments

Another week, another ornament! I have to tell you, every time I start this challenge I think I’m going to run out of ideas or get tired of ornaments but I NEVER DO! All it takes is an afternoon of tinkering and I’m overwhelmed with inspiration.

#NUO2014 Wood Bead Ornaments #Christmas #crafts #rustic

I have to admit, before I started this year’s challenge I scoured home décor sites reading up on forecasted trends and (here’s a shocker) for the most part is was the same old thing we see every year. I mean let’s face it, Christmas is classic and there aren’t many ‘looks’ that haven’t been done. That said there was something that caught my eye.

For the longest time the country look was, well…dated. Thankfully that is no longer the case, today’s country is more like a hipster folk song than a bedazzled country ballad. Natural elements are being introduced into home décor in unusual and quirky ways that are simply fun and chic!

#woodbeads #Christmasornaments #howto #crafts
These wood bead ornaments fit right into this new ‘country’ look! Here’s a video showing how they were made.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Clothespin Ballerina Ornament

Clothespin Ballerina Ornament #NUO2014 #danceornaments #crafts

I’m simply smitten with this little ballerina ornament! Isn’t she a cutie? Wait until you read what went into making her!

  • clothespin
  • pipe cleaner
  • embroidery floss
  • cotton ball
  • glue
  • paint


I actually started this ornament by making the arms. All you have to do is wrap a piece of pipe cleaner, about 4 inches, with the embroidery floss. (Psst, prepare to see other projects using this technique!)

Making the arms

Once it was completely covered I wrapped the two ends together, making an oval shape.  I tied off the floss and used a tiny dap of fabric glue to hold the knot in place. 

Next up I took the clothespin apart, flipped it around, and glued the two pieces of wood together.

Painting the body

I’m not the best at painting and I couldn’t find my tiny brushes (One guess where they were-gotta love kids that steal your art supplies.). Anyway, paint on a face, hair, leotard, and shoes. If you’re feeling adventurous I’d recommend pretty lace-up slippers, um, I wasn’t feeling adventurous.

I attached the arms by folding the pipe cleaner and sticking it in one of the holes between the two clothespin.

Inserting the arms

I thought I was going to have trouble with that darn tu-tu again but after cleaning up the bathroom it finally hit me, why not just use a cotton ball?

It was easy to shape into a kind of doughnut and actually stuck to the wood of the clothespin so there was no need to add any glue.

Adding the tutu

It wasn’t exactly as I planned but it was still definitely tree-worthy! So I guess two out three ornaments this week isn’t doing too bad!

Next week not only will I be bringing you three more ornament ideas I’m also going to be sharing a DIY gift idea as part of the 99+Handmade Gifts Week being hosted by 365 Days of Crafts and Always Expect Moore. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Speaking of fun holiday projects, did you catch my Winter Wonderland Wreath over at Create.Craft.Love.? Jill is hosting a month long Winter Wreath Workshop you’ll want to be sure to check out!


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ballet Slipper Ornament

Despite a few setbacks I’m still determined to come up with at least three dance-themed ornaments. Thankfully I think I’ve found a winner in this little slipper!

#Ballet Slipper Ornaments #NUO2014 #dance #Ornaments #Christmas
The hardest part of this project was drawing a template for the slipper and foot, but after spending an hour, or two, staring and sketching feet I finally came up with one that’s not too bad.

  • Foot and slipper template
  • beige and pink felt
  • pink embroidery thread
  • needle
  • fabric glue
  • ribbon
  • scissors

Using the template I began by cutting out two feet from the beige felt and two slippers from the pink. NOTE: This template is nothing special, as if you couldn’t already tell, but it works! Just right click the image, save it or copy it, and then paste it into a doc. You can resize/print it from there.

I sandwiched everything together and began sewing a basic blanket stitch around the outside of the foot. Across the top of the slipper I used a running stitch.

With the slipper secure on the foot, I opened up the beige felt, and added a bit of fabric glue along with the ribbon-folded over.

Glueingtogetherslipper #NUO2014 #christmasornaments #crafts
After about a day of dry time I cleaned up the edges and gave it a trim so that it all lined up.
Considering how easy this ornament turned out I think I might come up with at least one more felt design before the month’s over!

slippers #danceornaments #NUO2014 #Christmas #crafts


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tackle This Cold Season With Maty’s

Maty's Health Products

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review; the opinions expressed are my own.

Tis the season of runny noses, persistent coughs, and a general achiness! With every change in the weather we know there is a chance we’ll be visited by our lovely friend, the cold virus. When it hits it has become second nature to reach for an over the counter syrup or medication. It’s as if we’ve convinced ourselves if it doesn’t taste horrible or wasn’t created in a laboratory it couldn’t possible help.

Maty’s Health Products is working to change that mindset. They are an all-natural, made in America, food based alternative that’s melded together old-time remedies with modern know-how to create “healthy, natural products that are safe and effective.” Plus, they don’t use artificial preservatives, color additives or sweeteners, or common allergens like corn, dairy, wheat, soy or yeast. 

“Let food be our medicine and let our medicine be food.” –Hippocrates.

“Food based…” now that’s a phrase you don’t normally hear to describe a medicine and isn’t it unfortunate that it’s become a novel approach when we talk about healing and remedies? It seems so obvious that what we put into our bodies, be it food or medicine, has an impact on our overall health. But again, we’ve grown so far away from our food sources their importance is overlooked. Living has become so complicated we dismiss that something simple could be effective. Maty’s is proving what our ancestors were already well aware of,  the healing powers of Mother Nature.

Take a look at this infographic. When it comes to Maty’s you can pronounce every ingredient, heck, you may have most of them in your pantry. Because of that we don’t have to worry about drug interactions or scary side effects, nor do we need five or six different medications to treat one family! What works for me is safe for my kids…I REALLY love that about Maty’s!


Sometimes the hardest part of cold season is seeing our children suffer through sleepless nights, their noses raw from wiping and their chests aching with each coughing fit. Personally, I don’t want to compound the issue by pumping my kids full of chemicals that won’t necessarily do any good. If I’m going to reach for a bottle I want it to be Maty’s.

To read more about Maty’s be sure to visit their website Maty’s Health Products or follow their blog, Truth, Love, and Healing. You can also keep up with them via these social media outlets:

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