Monday, April 14, 2014

Enjoy the Season Without Sneezing Courtesy #FebrezeSpring

#FebrezeSpring #LimitedTime #SpringCollection

I love spring! The bugs aren’t out yet, the heat isn’t oppressive, and there’s a freshness in the air that inspires me to get out and get things done! Unfortunately, there’s something else in the air during spring, pollen..lots and lots of pollen. My entire family suffers from allergies so while it’s tempting to crack a window and let a cool breeze blow through the house I know it’s not worth the pain, sleepless nights, and breathing treatments that will blow in with it.Thankfully this year I had the opportunity to try out Febreze’s new Spring Collection available at Wal-Mart. Now the house is filled with the smells of spring and no one is sneezing!#FebrezeSpring #NOTICEable #spring #smellinggood

Febreze’s Spring Collection is a perfect mix of scents that really invoke the season and if you haven’t tried the NOTICEable warmers I highly recommend them. It’s been my experience that plug in warmers like these are strong at the start and as time goes by the scents not only fade but take on a different, almost burnt smell. Not the case with the NOTICEable warmer. Three weeks ago I plugged one (sweet pea/pink petals oil) into an outlet attached to a switch, which I turn it off during the night, and it’s still going strong. Plus the scent never overwhelms the room! #FebrezeSpring #carclip #spring #smellinggood

There are many limited edition scents to choose from but my favorite, by far, is Rain which the Febreze website describes like so, “Capture the invigorating freshness of spring showers with this blend that evokes budding violets, grass speckled with dew, and sun peeking through clouds.” I don’t know about all that but I can attest, one whiff and I have no trouble ignoring the dust on the bookshelves. Plus, traveling with four kids isn’t usually a pleasant experience but the car clip (Rain scent) makes me sigh with relief every time I get in the van!

The Febreze’s new Spring Collection available at Wal-Mart comes in a number of different products; be sure to visit the link above to check them all out for yourself. You can also keep up with Febreze by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Classic Dump Cake

A little over a year ago I shared this recipe on another blog and since I've been craving it I thought I'd share it again with you! The Classic Dump Cake is one of my all time favorite desserts. It actually got me through my first pregnancy. Seriously, I would eat at least one a week. And am I the only one who wonders why something so delicious has such a horrible name? Classic Dump Cake #recipe #cakes

Friday, April 4, 2014

{this moment}

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{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments over at Soulemama for all to find and see.

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Gloomy, rainy days #thunderstorms #weather

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gardening: Planting Asparagus Crowns

It has begun. For many experienced gardeners the growing season is well underway but for this kinda-sorta newbie it’s just started with the planting of one of our spring time favorites, asparagus.

Nate and I have talked about growing these delectable stalks for some time now. Last year I even grabbed a package of seeds but they never made it into the ground. The first thing to know about growing asparagus is that it takes time to establish before you can harvest it. Think a couple years at least. So when I spotted these crowns on a recent trip to Baker’s Creek Seed down in Mansfield, MO I snatched them right up eager to have even the littlest of head starts.

#gardening Planting Asparagus

Since asparagus is a perennial and known to take over an area, it took a bit of time to decide where we wanted to plant them. Meanwhile the crowns started sprouting out on their own so this past weekend we finally got them in the ground.

It’s no wonder gardening and parenting are often compared. A new plant in the garden is just like a new baby in the house. I’m constantly anxious and spend hours tediously studying everything I can do to ensure that both the baby and plant turn out as healthy as possible. This is my drawn out way of telling you that I read countless websites on how to plant asparagus but what it all comes down to is common sense so don’t let it intimidate you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lemon Meringue Cake

We aren’t even a week into spring and it’s already snowed (and melted) twice here in Missouri but I haven’t let that deter me from enjoying the new season. Today I’m sharing with you a recipe that my husband called, “…possibly the best thing you’ve made yet.” Since it’s relatively easy to make it is sure to be my go-to dessert this spring and summer. Hope you enjoy it!

#LemonMeringue #Cake #Recipe