Cut & Paste Home Decor With O'verlays

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You guys know my love of color, remember this gem, Colorful Pallet Table? The only part of my dining room that's plain white are these two cabinets that sit on either side of the door to the back deck. I forgot to get a before image, but don't worry, it's easy to imagine how dull they looked. I'd considered painting the doors but really wanted something more and that's exactly what I got with O'verlays!

As their website explains, "O'verlays are decorative fretwork panels that come in several patterns and sizes. They are light weight, paintable, and easily attach to furniture, doors, walls, and glass." If you visit their blog, there are a ton of different design ideas, and guys these are so easy to use! The instructions are very straightforward, and from start to finish, this entire project took an afternoon. Let me show you how I cut and paste these panels to create super fun and colorful new cabinets.

I decided to paint the panels and add it to the plain cabinet door. So the first thing I did was measure and cut the panels to fit. All you need is a utility knife and a straight edge.

The knife cut completely through the panel with just two swipes and with some of the pieces I was able to just break them off by hand.

You will want to use your razor or sandpaper to trim and smooth any excess.

Next, following the instructions, I wiped the panels down with rubbing alcohol to make sure all dust was removed, and they were clean.

Spraypainting worked beautifully, and since I used a fast drying paint, they were dry and ready to be attached to the cabinet in less than 30 minutes.

Cut and Paste Home Decor with O'verlays!

Finally, I attached the panels to the cabinet. O'verlays recommends some different ways to get this done, depending on what you're attaching the panels to, I used a classic crafting glue and so far so good!

Cut and Paste Home Decor like never before with O'verlays!

I tried to get a picture of the artwork next to these cabinets to give an idea of just how colorful this room has become and how perfect these panels look in it! I'm really happy with how they turned out and encourage you to give them a try!

This month's Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest Hosts are Saved by Scottie and Evey's Creations, be sure to see what they made using Overlays' as well contest entries from around the country! As always you can also swing by the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest® site for information. If you are a fellow blogger and would like to participate in a contest email

Cut and Paste your next home decor project with O'verlays!


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