Kids Craft: Paper Plate Flamingos

For about four weeks now we've been admiring our lovely flock of flamingos and yes, I'm just NOW getting around to sharing how we made them. 

Studying birds or colors? Here's a great kid's crafting activity Paper Plate Flamingos!

Flamingos are semi-kinda-sort-of-ish trending this summer and quite frankly, my daughter has always had a thing for them. In case you're wondering, yes, it does have to due with their lovely pink hues but it's more about what makes them pink than the shade itself. There is no other creature who so visibly reminds us that we are what we eat than the flamingo.

Kids craft perfect for learning about how what we eat effects our appearance. Paper Plate Flamingos.


Easy to make Paper Plate Flamingos! Great for a lesson on the color pink.

The first step is to cut your paper plate into a flamingo.

Easy to make Paper Plate Flamingos! Great for a lesson on the birds.

Next, it's time to go pink. Instead of using paint, this time we decided to try Clearsnap® inks instead. For the past month I've been on their guest design team, sharing projects on their blog, like these Pocket Swaps and these Paper Gift Envelopes.

It was super easy to use the petal points to color our flamingos and then use paper towels to blend. You'll see when you scroll to the bottom of this post, one of the colors is so vibrant it looks as if it's glowing.

Easy to make Paper Plate Flamingos! Great for a kids craft activity.

After adding a little black beak we moved on to creating the flamingo's long legs using tissue paper. Simply accordion fold it and then cut it into one inch sections.

Paper Plate Flamingos are easy to make and a great kids craft activity.

Finally, use whatever glue you prefer to put your flamingo together! Start off by attaching the neck, to create a bit of variety glue them on at various angles. Then glue on the head, googly eyes, and finally your legs.
A great kids craft activity for lessons on birds or colors, Paper Plate Flamingos.

Aren't they cute? I think this one is my favorite!

This is my favorite Paper Plate Flamingo - such a great afternoon crafting activity idea!

I told you they look like they're glowing!

A great kids craft - paper plate flamingos!

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