Mother's Day Decorating Using Tissue Paper Letters

Decorate for Mother's Day using tissue paper.
I come from a family filled with successful women who are seamstresses, woodworkers, business owners, and all-around makers. Growing up and watching their ideas materialize had a profound effect on me and helped foster my own love for creative living.

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the women who've impacted our world, the mothers, grandmas, aunts, friends, and mentors. One way I share a special connection with all the creative women in my life is by incorporating a handmade touch in all my gift-giving.    

Tissue Paper Letters

Crafting with American Greetings


  • American Greetings tissue paper
  • decoupage medium 
  • small wooden crafting letters
  • crafting heart
  • food picks
  • dowels
  • scissors
  • Not Pictured: hot glue gun and sponge paint brushes
Crafting with Tissue Paper
First, I went through the packages of letters and picked out the ones I needed. Then I cut up the pieces of tissue paper into smaller pieces and set up a decoupage station. 
Making Tissue Paper Letters
Next, I followed the instructions on the decoupage medium and covered the letters and heart with the tissue paper pieces. 
Adding dowels and picks to tissue paper letters.
Finally, after the letters dried I hot glued them to the dowels, food picks, and even a card envelope. 

How to Use

Now the fun stuff, how to use our crafty little letters in our gift-giving and decorating!
How to Personalize a Bouquet of Flowers
Flowers are a classic Mother's Day gift and the perfect companion to a heartfelt card. To make this gift different we hot glued the letters to our envelope and then glued it to the front of our bouquet. 

TIP: Make your bouquet special by getting rid of the original packaging and re-wrapping the blooms in a few layers of tissue paper. It's an easy way to make a gift extra special! 
Mother's Day Cake Picks
Do you host a Mother's Day brunch? Attach your message to food picks and use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes, or even appetizers. 
Tissue Paper Gift Bag Picks
This is my favorite project using these little letters! It's so easy to tuck a message pick into a gift bag, so everyone knows who it is!

TIP: Save the picks and tuck them into your houseplants for a splash of color. Tissue Paper Letters for Mother's Day

How do you celebrate Mother's Day? 

Tell us in the comments! 


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