Kids Craft: Firecracker Straw Rockets

Firecracker Straw Rockets - so much better and safer than shooting bottle rockets at each other!

Memorial Day kicks off a trifecta of patriotic holidays, with Flag Day in June and Independence Day in July. So now is the time to get busy with the red, white, and blue crafting and quick projects are always appreciated in my house. I was able to make these firecrackers themed straw rockets in about 15 minutes, and it got the kids out of my hair for at least 30, so I consider that a win. 

Straw rockets are always easy to make, and with a couple additions, we made these a little more firecracker-like. If you're crafting with kids, it may take a bit longer, and I would recommend skipping the hot glue and using a plain school glue. Otherwise, you can have these made and ready to go in no time! Here's the crafty run-down.  

Supplies to make Firecracker Straw Rockets.


  • Patriotic Paper
  • String
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Circle Paper Punch
  • Scissors

Rockets need tops! Here's how we made ours. Kids Craft: Firecracker Straw Rockets

First, I used the paper punch to make about half a dozen circles. Then I cut out a small triangle out of them, added a touch of hot glue, folded the paper over it, and viola a rocket top!

The best firecracker craft to make for the kids!

Second, I cut my fancy, patriotic star paper into strips 1"x 3" to 5". The length really is up to you, the longer ones are fun to look at, but they don't fly as far.

After my rocket body pieces had been cut, I created a rocket trail by hot gluing a few pieces of baker's twine (about 5" long) to the back side of them.

This is the frustrating step of the project! Rolling rockets!

Next, this is the fun part, rolling your rockets. Yes, I'm being sarcastic! Using a pencil, I rolled the paper and fastened it with tape to create the body of the rocket. As you can see in the pictures, I like to put the tape on one end of the paper before I start folding/rolling it.

NOTE: Make sure the paper roll is taped from top to bottom so that it is like a straw and air can only get out of the top and bottom. Otherwise, they won't go anywhere when you try to shoot them off. Use a magic tape so it doesn't show or go whole-hog and use a patriotic washi tape!

Firecracker Straw Rockets - let your kids spit without being disgusting!

The last step, use a bit of hot glue to attach your rocket top to the body, and you're ready to go!

Seriously, don't shoot these at people, it'll just end it hurt feelings and crying. Trust me.

Kids like spitting things, it's a fact of life. Keep it clean and fun with these firecracker straw rockets!

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