Spring Forward Garden Seed Caddy

Keep garden tools and seeds organized and safe in this handy caddy!

Are you ready to spring forward? Earlier this week we adjusted our clocks, and next Monday marks the first day of spring. But in my opinion, the new season doesn't start until my hands are in the dirt planting and plotting our family gardens! 

For me, shopping for seeds is on par with Christmas, so it should come as no surprise I always manage to order too much. Thankfully, seeds can last a couple years with proper care and storage, and I'm so excited to move my collection out of an old shoebox and into this super cute gardening tote. 

Stenciled Herb Garden Caddy

Stenciled Garden Tote Supplies


  • Walnut Hollow Rustic Tote
  • Stencil Girl Herb Stencil by Jessica Sporn
  • acrylic paint: green, yellow, white
  • sponge brushes or spouncers 
  • paint brushes for mixing
Create custom paints for stenciling.

On a tray, mix and blend the white, yellow, and green paints to create a variety of colors to use for this project. 

Never overload your tools when you're using stencils.

Once your colors are ready, decide where you want to place your stencils, and load the paint into your sponges.

To create an amazing layered effect first stencil with a lighter yellow or green and then with a darker shade. Finally, use white to highlight the previous layers. 

Be careful with this delicate stencil.

Carefully wash and dry your stencils between paint layers. 

This is a VERY delicate stencil, so a light touch is necessary and be sure you don't overload your sponges with paint. 

Great gift idea for the gardener or would-be gardener in your life!

Fill the tote with your favorite seeds, garden tools, and a hand towel to create a one of a kind gift idea any gardener, or wannabe gardener, would love! 

Personalize a garden tote to create a one-of-a-kind way to store and organize your seeds.


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