Decorate Your Walls With Oversized Origami Dresses

Create amazing, affordable wall art by folding maps and wrapping paper into oversized origami dresses! by My Very Educated Mother

If you've been a fan, you'll back in the old days I had a thing for origami dresses. It never really went away, and for a couple years now I've been using oversized origami dresses as wall hangings. 

These oversized origami dresses are perfect for decorating kid's and teen's bedrooms as well as craft or sewing rooms. Plus they're affordable and easy!

I like going big because it's completely unexpected and sometimes easier to fold than smaller pieces of paper. You can go as big or small as you want just as long as your paper is a rectangle. 

That's a lie, you CAN make a dress from a square but it will be wider. 

Go grab a piece of copy paper, watch the video below and you'll find out for yourself how addictive folding paper can get! 

Maps are perfect for this project, as is wrapping paper. Plus, you can always embellish your dresses once you created them, with glitter, sequins, pom-poms, you name it! 

Super sized origami dresses are an affordable option for creative wall art, especially when you use maps or unusual wrapping papers!

Origami dresses aren't what you'd expect to see hanging above a sofa,
but that's what makes them so fun!

What kind of unconventional ways do you decorate your wall? 


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