Friday, November 25, 2011

NUO Challenge #20 Origami Dresses

I received an origami dress ornament a couple of years ago as part of an ornament swap and it is simply one of my favorite.  While I can’t make the fancy hanger it came on, I can recreate the dress with vintage book pages to add a little feminine whimsy to our tree!

Before I go into the supplies and directions I want to point out that: 1. I did not do this with my kids BUT I did make one with a friend’s tween-aged daughter and she didn’t have any trouble with the folding.  2.  Um, once again this isn’t what I planned on making today.  If you’ll scroll down just a tad you’ll see why I had to find a replacement ornament.  My paper porcupine ball were utter failures.  Oh, well, on to the paper dresses!
  • paper, cut into 5x5 squares works best for me
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • ribbons and other embellishments
First go to youtube and watch this tutorial on making an origami paper dress.  This isn’t really complicated origami and once you get it down you’ll be making dresses in your sleep. (When the tutorial starts you’ll wonder why there are animated children talking about being bored…it’s all good, keep watching.)
   To embellish the dresses I simply add a bit of ribbon around the waist with a hot glue gun.  But the possibilities are endless.  Knowing me I’m surprised mine aren’t covered in glitter glue…hmmm.
Once your dresses are ready to hang simply run some thread though the fold of the sleeves in the back, shown below, and get that dress on the tree!
As you can see from the photos, by skipping one step in the origami I was able to get two different styled dresses.  You can also fold the sleeves back-ish for a tank top look.

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