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Kids Craft: Papel Picados

This post originally appeared on Create.Craft.Love. on April 8, 2015.

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner; so why not gather the kids and supplies and make this fun Papel Picado banner to add a bit of Mexico folk art to your household?

Papel Picados are beautiful pieces of paper art that tell stories with their designs. Traditionally they’d be made in bulk. With the help of a chisel, the artist carves their design into a stack of tissue paper, creating up to 30 or more pieces at once.

We’re going to opt for the much easier, and kid-friendly, Chinese technique of paper cutting and use scissors! Below are the directions and supplies you’ll need to create your own papel picado!


  • tissue paper
  • string
  • tape
  • scissors


This is a really great project because, though I had fun cutting my own designs, this craft can be completed by the kids!

Cut your tissue paper into squares, or rough rectangles. Fold and cut as if you were making a snowflake. Be sure to not cut the outside edge of the square, that sounds confusing but once you start working on it, it’ll make sense. Unfold your squares and then flatten them out by putting them under a big book!

Once they were flattened we went the simplest route possible. We laid out the squares, laid a piece of baker’s twine on top of it, and taped everything in place. Sure, we don’t have pretty edges but the kids were able to do it themselves, which is the point.

Where ever you hang these colorful paper banners they’re sure to get you in a festive mood!

Kids Craft: Papel Picados to make for Cinco de Mayo
If you liked this project be sure to check out these other fun kids crafts over at My Very Educated Mother!

Kidscrafts from @mvemother
Erin Sipes
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Stamped Wine Cork Necklace

This post contains affiliate links, if you follow one & make a purchase I receive a commission at no additional cost to you.


So I’m putting my card-making endeavors and on the back burner and having fun with what I’m good at; using craft supplies in ways they weren’t intended! I was staring at my wall o’ supplies thinking I really needed to either find a use for some of this stuff or give it away. Instead I started organizing, because I’d convinced myself that would fix the situation.

When I noticed the wine corks I’d cut to make a DIY cork board sitting next to a package of small eye screws inspiration struck! With the help of my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamps I brought it all together to create these awesome stamped wine cork pendants! Read more to find out what you’ll need to make a set of pendants and a necklace of your own.


  • small eye screws 20mm x 8mm
  • wine corks
  • PSA Essentials Stamper
  • PSA Essentials Ink in Poppy Orange, Plum Purple, Turquoise, and Grapefruit Pink
  • Snowflakes and Rosettas Set Peel & Stick Stamps
  • ribbon or cording

Using a table vise and a coping saw you’ll need to slice up your wine corks, making sure to keep them thick, I’d aim for 5mm. If you don’t have those tools you can always use a serrated knife and a pair of pliers to hold the cork steady.

Next, load up your stamper with the ink and stamp of your choice. We kept a supply of paper towels and a water bottle nearby to make cleaning and switching from different designs and colors as mess free as possible!

Instead of using the stamp in the traditional sense, we loaded it up with ink and then locked the stamper into place. Holding it steady we placed the cork piece on the stamp itself and pressed firmly. This seemed to work the best PLUS it made it easier for us to off-center some of the designs for a different effect. See the pictures above.

We let the ink dry a bit before carefully attaching one of the eye screws. They actually screw into the cork quite easily.

From there we just added a bit of ribbon to create a necklace, easy-peasy. I’ve got to say, now that we’ve made this set I’m thinking about making another but with more bells and whistles, I see dangling beads and glitter in my future!

Here are a few more stamping projects using PSA Essentials Stamps.


Erin Sipes
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How to Turn Flip Flops into Strappy Sandals

This Crafty Hangout is sponsored by Adhesive Technologies, all opinions expressed are my own.

I know most fashion aficionados turn up their noses to flip flops but these one-time shower shoes have come a long way and with a few supplies you can turn them into chic strappy sandals that are always a comfort to wear!

How to make Strappy Flip Flop Sandals that are comfortable! via @mvemother

Flip flops really are the comfort food of the shoe world, sure they get a bad rap but just like French fries and cookies, they're not going anywhere! To give your pair a strappy makeover all you'll need is an old t-shirt, vintage button, and a glue gun. Watch the video below to see how we put it all together.

I mention it in the video but I also want to note it here, this method-unlike many others out there, will not require you to cut apart your flip flop straps and leave you with a big knot of fabric between your toes, and for that, you're welcome. Here's how they look on, ignore my ugly feet. 

What is up with my feet? At least the sandals look good!

A truly quick way to turn your flip flops into Strappy Sandals via @mvemother
Erin Sipes
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Mother’s Day Doily Card

I never realized how many holidays there were in spring! All these celebrations have given me lots of reasons to play around with my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamper.

Lately I’ve been attempting to make cards. I say attempt because this is one crafting department in which I feel completely lost. A couple of my fellow Craftastic TV contributors are bona-fide scrapping designers so I’ve been watching their videos; they make it look so easy. Still, I don’t back away from a challenge, here’s a creation I put together for Mother’s Day.

P.S. If you scroll to the bottom, just to give you a laugh I included a stamping FAIL!

  • PSA Essentials Stamper with black inkpad
  • Topiary Set Peel and Stick Stamps
  • doilies
  • cardstock (2 solids, 1 print in coordinating colors)
  • circle paper punch
  • paper cutter and crafter’s tape
I started out by cutting all my pieces. My card base is a 10”x8” piece of pink cardstock folded in half (Hey, I told you I was keeping it simple!). The striped embellishment is a 4”x2” strip of green and a 4”x11/2” strip of a green print. You’ll also need one doily cut in half.

Go ahead and glue your two green pieces together and carefully glue them and your doily pieces to the card base. The doilies will hang over the edges, it’s okay, just give them a trim with your paper cutter. 

I’ve done a few stamping and paper punching projects now and can I tell you I’ve just now realized the easiest way to make sure your stamp is centered in your punch is to stamp the paper BEFORE you punch it! Yeah, I had a duh moment with that one.

That’s it! Your card is ready for giving, and if your Mother asks if the kids made it, hold you head high and lie, “Yes, yes they did.”

As promised here’s a picture of my failed attempt! Grr, I really liked how this card was turning out until I introduced glitter glue the mix. It looked perfect on the rosette stamps but then I got this bright idea to add more around the message box on the bottom. Just like fashion accessories, sometimes less is more. Lesson learned.

If you want to find some really great card projects, and other stamping crafts, be sure to check out PSA Essentials Stamp Camp blog!
Erin Sipes
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Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Here's a great Teacher's Gift Idea from @mvemother Money Bouquets
Spring break is over and the end of the school year is in sight; which means it’s time to send those women and men leading our children in the world of academia a token of our gratitude! While I’m sure any gift is appreciated, you know you can never go wrong with cash. Instead of throwing money into a card why not get crafty with it and create a bouquet of bills?

To make this bouquet, or money plant, all you’ll need are dollar bills (as many as you want to give), pipe cleaners, and a pot or vase. Plus, if you want to get together with other parents you could simply wrap all your flowers in a bit of tissue paper. Since this is a Craft Lightning project, you’ll only need 15 minutes to pull this gift together! Here’s how we made it.

Erin Sipes
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