Kids Craft: Papel Picados

This post originally appeared on Create.Craft.Love. on April 8, 2015.

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner; so why not gather the kids and supplies and make this fun Papel Picado banner to add a bit of Mexico folk art to your household?

Papel Picados are beautiful pieces of paper art that tell stories with their designs. Traditionally they’d be made in bulk. With the help of a chisel, the artist carves their design into a stack of tissue paper, creating up to 30 or more pieces at once.

We’re going to opt for the much easier, and kid-friendly, Chinese technique of paper cutting and use scissors! Below are the directions and supplies you’ll need to create your own papel picado!


  • tissue paper
  • string
  • tape
  • scissors


This is a really great project because, though I had fun cutting my own designs, this craft can be completed by the kids!

Cut your tissue paper into squares, or rough rectangles. Fold and cut as if you were making a snowflake. Be sure to not cut the outside edge of the square, that sounds confusing but once you start working on it, it’ll make sense. Unfold your squares and then flatten them out by putting them under a big book!

Once they were flattened we went the simplest route possible. We laid out the squares, laid a piece of baker’s twine on top of it, and taped everything in place. Sure, we don’t have pretty edges but the kids were able to do it themselves, which is the point.

Where ever you hang these colorful paper banners they’re sure to get you in a festive mood!

Kids Craft: Papel Picados to make for Cinco de Mayo
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