Mother’s Day Doily Card

I never realized how many holidays there were in spring! All these celebrations have given me lots of reasons to play around with my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamper.

Lately I’ve been attempting to make cards. I say attempt because this is one crafting department in which I feel completely lost. A couple of my fellow Craftastic TV contributors are bona-fide scrapping designers so I’ve been watching their videos; they make it look so easy. Still, I don’t back away from a challenge, here’s a creation I put together for Mother’s Day.

P.S. If you scroll to the bottom, just to give you a laugh I included a stamping FAIL!

  • PSA Essentials Stamper with black inkpad
  • Topiary Set Peel and Stick Stamps
  • doilies
  • cardstock (2 solids, 1 print in coordinating colors)
  • circle paper punch
  • paper cutter and crafter’s tape
I started out by cutting all my pieces. My card base is a 10”x8” piece of pink cardstock folded in half (Hey, I told you I was keeping it simple!). The striped embellishment is a 4”x2” strip of green and a 4”x11/2” strip of a green print. You’ll also need one doily cut in half.

Go ahead and glue your two green pieces together and carefully glue them and your doily pieces to the card base. The doilies will hang over the edges, it’s okay, just give them a trim with your paper cutter. 

I’ve done a few stamping and paper punching projects now and can I tell you I’ve just now realized the easiest way to make sure your stamp is centered in your punch is to stamp the paper BEFORE you punch it! Yeah, I had a duh moment with that one.

That’s it! Your card is ready for giving, and if your Mother asks if the kids made it, hold you head high and lie, “Yes, yes they did.”

As promised here’s a picture of my failed attempt! Grr, I really liked how this card was turning out until I introduced glitter glue the mix. It looked perfect on the rosette stamps but then I got this bright idea to add more around the message box on the bottom. Just like fashion accessories, sometimes less is more. Lesson learned.

If you want to find some really great card projects, and other stamping crafts, be sure to check out PSA Essentials Stamp Camp blog!


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