Stamped Wine Cork Necklace

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So I’m putting my card-making endeavors and on the back burner and having fun with what I’m good at; using craft supplies in ways they weren’t intended! I was staring at my wall o’ supplies thinking I really needed to either find a use for some of this stuff or give it away. Instead I started organizing, because I’d convinced myself that would fix the situation.

When I noticed the wine corks I’d cut to make a DIY cork board sitting next to a package of small eye screws inspiration struck! With the help of my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamps I brought it all together to create these awesome stamped wine cork pendants! Read more to find out what you’ll need to make a set of pendants and a necklace of your own.


  • small eye screws 20mm x 8mm
  • wine corks
  • PSA Essentials Stamper
  • PSA Essentials Ink in Poppy Orange, Plum Purple, Turquoise, and Grapefruit Pink
  • Snowflakes and Rosettas Set Peel & Stick Stamps
  • ribbon or cording

Using a table vise and a coping saw you’ll need to slice up your wine corks, making sure to keep them thick, I’d aim for 5mm. If you don’t have those tools you can always use a serrated knife and a pair of pliers to hold the cork steady.

Next, load up your stamper with the ink and stamp of your choice. We kept a supply of paper towels and a water bottle nearby to make cleaning and switching from different designs and colors as mess free as possible!

Instead of using the stamp in the traditional sense, we loaded it up with ink and then locked the stamper into place. Holding it steady we placed the cork piece on the stamp itself and pressed firmly. This seemed to work the best PLUS it made it easier for us to off-center some of the designs for a different effect. See the pictures above.

We let the ink dry a bit before carefully attaching one of the eye screws. They actually screw into the cork quite easily.

From there we just added a bit of ribbon to create a necklace, easy-peasy. I’ve got to say, now that we’ve made this set I’m thinking about making another but with more bells and whistles, I see dangling beads and glitter in my future!

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