How to Turn Flip Flops into Strappy Sandals

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I know most fashion aficionados turn up their noses to flip flops but these one-time shower shoes have come a long way and with a few supplies you can turn them into chic strappy sandals that are always a comfort to wear!

How to make Strappy Flip Flop Sandals that are comfortable! via @mvemother

Flip flops really are the comfort food of the shoe world, sure they get a bad rap but just like French fries and cookies, they're not going anywhere! To give your pair a strappy makeover all you'll need is an old t-shirt, vintage button, and a glue gun. Watch the video below to see how we put it all together.

I mention it in the video but I also want to note it here, this method-unlike many others out there, will not require you to cut apart your flip flop straps and leave you with a big knot of fabric between your toes, and for that, you're welcome. Here's how they look on, ignore my ugly feet. 

What is up with my feet? At least the sandals look good!

A truly quick way to turn your flip flops into Strappy Sandals via @mvemother


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