Back to School: 30 Crafts, Activities, and Organization Projects

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is the ability to set your own schedule. Next week we will begin our 2014-2015 school year. It’ll be slow going at first as we ease back into things but in a few weeks we'll be humming along like a well-oiled machine. And though the kids don’t share my enthusiasm to get started, I am sure I’ll be hearing “I’m bored” less often. 

This week to celebrate the start of a new year I’ll be sharing three round-ups featuring over 75 tutorials, from learning activities to lunchbox recipes we’ve got it all covered! Here is the first collection featuring games, activities, storage and organizational projects, classroom crafts, and school supply crafts. 
  1. Fall Trees and Colorful Leaves
  2. Counting Chart (Free Printable)
  3. Shapes and Lowercase o Activity
  4. Sprouting Seeds Activity
  5. Corn On The Cob Craft
  6. Stop and Go Learning Game
  7. Dr. Suess Bookmarks (Free Printable)
  8. DIY Magnetic Alphabet
  9. Bee Themed Number Matching Game  
  10. Night Time Science For Kids
  11. Native American Study  
  12. Hieroglyphic Alphabet Magnets
  13. Smiley Backpack Tag
  14. Button Monogram Back to School Tote
  15. Decorating a Composition Notebook
  16. Mod Podge Book Cover Craft
  17. Denim Pencil Can
  18. Pencil Bookmarks
  19. Favor-”ette”: Magnetic Craft Caddy
  20. Easy DIY Personalized Pens
  21. Colorful Bookcovers
  22. Backpack Gift Sets
  23. Big Bang Theory Inspired Pencil Cup
  24. Homeschool Cubbies
  25. Recycled Tube Desk Caddy
  26. Homework Station
  27. Refrigerator Command Center
  28.  T-shirt Binder
  29. Mommy Cards
  30. DIY Dry Erase Board 


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