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Homeschool Cubbies (a.k.a. Sanity Savers) #Homeschool Cubbies
Like many other homeschoolers, 80% of our school work happens at the dining room table. When it’s just my 15 year old and me things go smoothly, but when it’s the seven and five year olds, that’s another story all together.

I try to go over the lecture portion of a lesson with one, get them working on their problems or work pages, and then start the lecture with the other. The only problem is they usually just sit there listening to each other’s lessons and nothing gets accomplished OR they look over each other’s shoulder’s correcting, nick-picking, and just being a general annoyance to each other.

Now I know that they benefit from overhearing each other’s work and when I’ve hit a stumbling block with one, the other sometimes chime in and help clear up confusions and whatnot. But when work needs to be done, work needs to be done. So I decided to make cubbies for the two of them. #Homeschool Cubbies1
  • tri-fold display board
  • stencils
  • markers
  • stickers
  • photo corners
  • paper envelopes, I used some like those you can find in old library books
  • maps
  • artwork
  • other educational references #Homeschool Cubbies2

Cut the display board in half; we used one from a previous science project so we already had a nice splatter paint effect going on. ( I watered down tempera paint with water, put it in a spray bottle, and went crazy.) #Homeschool Cubbies3Next be sure to put a name on it! I mean, this is still for school, you better have your name on it!
Now gather up some reference materials you want to be sure to have at the ready like US maps, alphabets, number charts, etc. and get crafty! Decorate your cubbie with the rest of the supplies however you’d like. #Homeschool Cubbies4
I asked the kids to be sure to add the envelope so I could put the occasional surprise in it for them. #Homeschool Cubbies5
This was one of the simplest projects that’s had the biggest impact on our schooling.

What ways do you help the kids stay focused on their work?
Erin Sipes
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1 comment:

  1. Brilliant idea teacher. I can sure see how it would help keep little ones minds on their own work. Very smart I'd say to "seperate" them in a small way. I hate to have somebody looking over my shoulder, it's a thing with me so if it helps them it's a go. What fun for them to personalize their own cubby. Happy Days


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