Lace Up Valentine Broken Hearts

Earlier this year I shared a heart shaped basket for collecting Valentine's, so today I'm sharing a project to put inside it and making an announcement.

I'm thrilled to announce I'm a 2017 Design Team Member for EyeConnect Crafts! Beginning next Friday, I'll be posting monthly projects over on the EyeConnect blog. Of course, I'll be sharing about it in the newsletter and through the common social media platforms.

EyeConnect Crafts is a company that specializes in posable and lace-up craft kits. All their products are cut and packaged here in the USA and use thick, 100% recycled chipboard. And on an entirely random side note, the owner and I look similar, are both named Erin, and as my daughter pointed out, we both have an S, E, and P in our last names. Coincidence, you decide? For this project, I'm using the Large Broken Hearts from their Lace-Up Collection.

For this project, I wanted to keep it relatively simple, so we went with a basic splatter paint design. Here are the supplies you'll need to make it yourself.


  • Lace-Up Collection: Broken Hearts, Large
  • Pink and red cardstock
  • Embroidery floss or yarn
  • Red and white paint
  • Brads
  • Paintbrushes and Scissors

 First, we painted our hearts. I've learned from reading previous posts on the EyeConnect blog that it's best to paint BEFORE you pop out your pieces.

Once the white paint dried, we used a brush and our fingers to splatter on the red color. If your paint isn't spraying the way you'd like, try to add a little bit of water.

After the paint had dried I popped out the hearts and used the remaining piece of chipboard as a stencil to draw, and cut out two red hearts.

Once finished I set them aside and began lacing up my heart.

You can do it in a couple different ways, the first heart I laced up like shoes and the second was more like stitches.

Next, I attached the broken heart to one of the red hearts to create a sweet little Valentine's card.

NOTE: EyeConnect Crafts offers mini brads for their craft kits in a wide array of colors. They are too small for the Lace-Up Collection which is why I used a larger brad from my craft closet. 

Once again, my photography doesn't do this work justice. You'd think I'd learn by now that I'm not good at photographing red and white!

Anyway, the kids got a kick out of the moving elements, and I absolutely can't wait to get started on the Totem puppets and other lace-up projects I'll be sharing this year!


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