DIY Marbled Bullet Journals

A no frills way of staying organized: DIY Marbled Bullet Journals

In 2016, I learned about bullet journaling, bought a Leuchtturm1917, and quickly dubbed it the year of the Orange Notebook.

Have you started bullet journalling yet?

I gathered together my pile of notebooks and began paring down all the notes I've collected over the years and focusing in on the things I came back to time and time again.

It's been life changing if only for the weight it has literally lifted from my shoulder bag. Mind you, I still have a Family Binder entitled Important S*** but all the other scraps have been collected and cataloged. My anxious-ridden heart sings with satisfaction every time I pick it up!

This year, I decided to introduce bullet journaling to the kids. Instead of buying them fancy notebooks like mine, we DIY'd a couple using a crazy fun marbling technique.

While I was a design team member for Clearsnap, I shared How to Marble Paper in 30 Minutes or Less. Please, visit the original post for the supply list and detailed marbling instructions. I share how we made this project different by adding gold further down this page. 

This marble technique requires no shaving cream!

It is easily one of my favorite kid's projects, as long as you stick with kids seven and up, and provide adult supervision and guidance. You'll also need to make sure you have a well-ventilated area and a protected work surface.

This is an amazing marbling technique to try with older kids! via

I have always thought what makes marble is most beautiful when there are veins of gold running through it. So, we broke out the gold pigment inks and added a little bit to make this project different than the original.

If you've never worked with pigment inks a word of warning. It will need to be heat set. Because we were working with alcohol, I REALLY didn't want to go there with the kids. We opted to laminate our pages to avoid smudges.

Make a DIY bullet journal with the kids.

Once we had our laminated marbled pages, we folded them in half, and then cut graph paper to fit inside.

Sewing Marbled Paper Journals via

I considered stapling the journals together but went with a quick stick instead.

Make a DIY Marbled Bullet Journal for everyone in the family! It's a no frills way to stay organized.

Now that I've got the entire family doing it prepare for more bullet journal posts in the future!


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