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Build your home library with this collection of a dozen books about food that your kids are sure to love! via myveryeducatedmother.com
It's not a secret that I love books. Yet, I've never shared a collection featuring my favorites, until now. This year I'm going to start gathering no more than a dozen books on various topics that I love, own, and highly recommend!

To get things started, I'm going with food. Partly because I'm hungry, okay, mostly because I'm starving. These titles deal with food in some different ways, growing food, making food, eating food, and in many cases - NOT eating food!

12 Books About Food

All the animals can't be bothered to help The Little Red Hen care for her wheat, but when it comes time to eat her loaf of bread they're all too eager for a slice! The Little Red Hen is a classic tale about the work that goes into the food we eat. This particular version includes a cd with the story narrated by Debra Messing, it's definitely one to include in your library! 

Daniel Tries a New Food isn't even remotely a classic or really a book you're going to find in most collections. As parents, we may grow tired of the incessant songs that don't rhyme or even have much of a regular cadence, but toddlers love them. Better than that, they relate to Daniel Tiger. It's no wonder the genius behind this little guy is from Mr. Rogers, there was a real class act! 

This specific book is one I had in my library growing up! Stone Soup is based on a French tale of three soldiers who outwit a town of greedy, distrustful peasants into sharing their food and a night of friendship. Grown-ups will like the message, kids will enjoy the trickery. 

There are a few books on this list for picky eaters, this is the first.  The Prince’s Breakfast is a fun tale of a family who indulges their little prince, and when he refuses breakfast they set out around the globe looking for something he WILL eat! 

 Green Eggs and Ham is the second book for picky eaters. This Dr. Seuss title should be stable in most home libraries. Quick story, Vincent has never liked eggs. One year my oldest made green eggs to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday Day, and suddenly Vin declared that eggs were okay...as long as they were green.

In this rhyming story, Grandpa is The Beeman, and he leads his grandson through the beekeeping basics. What I love best about this book is the information at the end and how it makes it easier for kids to see how the life of a little bee affects our own.  

Dragons Love Tacos any kind of taco you can think. Why should this be in your library? Easy, Tacos+Dragons=awesomeness. We like to goof around about a book, based on this one, it's called Desmond Loves PB& J. 

A list of food books wouldn't be complete without one that actually talks about nutrition. Good Enough To Eat does just that but in a way that kids will appreciate! Please keep in mind, while this book was written in 2009, if you are vegetarian, gluten-free, or have other dietary restrictions, you might want to skip this one. 

Will there be enough pancakes to feed everyone Adika has invited to the table? Mama Panya’s Pancakes is another book about talented cooks who find a way to share what they don't have. This book was also the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award.

 Blueberries for Sal was originally published in 1948; the story of many mothers and children picking berries to prepare for winter is one that is truly timeless and a must-have!

 Little Pea has to eat all his sweets before you can get his dessert, vegetables! This little guy is another picky eater but not in the traditional sense. I personally get a kick out of this because while my youngest loves lettuce, he's not so keen on cake. I can assure you, he doesn't get that from me! 

 Maddie's Fridge kinda, sorta, doesn't have anything to do with food in the fridge, but more a lack of it. I originally got this book from the library and knew it had to be added to our collection. This is more a book about compassion than food but what better way to show someone you care than by feeding them when they are hungry?

A dozen books about all aspects of food. Growing food, making food, sharing food, and even eating it!

I hope you enjoy this little collection, next up books about diversity.

What are our favorite kid's books about food? 

A dozen books all about food. Picky eaters, making food, growing food, eating food, and sharing food. It's all covered! via myveryeducatedmother.com


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