Why I Joined Barefoot Books

Exactly a week ago, I stepped into a world I never, ever imagined I’d enter, a direct-sales program.

So, what made me decide to be a Barefoot Books Ambassador? Two things.

First, they’re a quality book publisher specializing in, “…diverse, inclusive and inspiring books.”

When I read that, I thought, “That’s a company I can get behind, tell me more.

I read over every page on the Barefoot Books site, watched all the videos, and came to the conclusion that their dedication to helping young minds become world citizens through literature was a message I wanted to share on My Very Educated Mother (MVEM).

I truly can't wait to start sharing more about literacy, reading, and books!

Second, they had a deal this book-lover could NOT refuse. 

Here’s how my mind works: There’s so much personal value in this starter kit I will never feel the need to “make that money back.” 

Quality stories, discussion guides, and activities to share with my family and with MVEM readers. Not to mention, books make the best go-to birthday gift for all ages!

The only BUT that entered my mind was the need to make sales quotas. Surely to be an active Ambassador I had to sell so much a month, right? NOPE. There are absolutely NO sales quotas, period.

Let’s make one thing clear, I still don’t consider myself a home party kind of person. 

What's different about Barefoot Books is that this doesn't feel like a party to sell products but more like the opportunity to share a love of reading and celebrating the world.

So…I signed up.

Since that time I have found nothing but encouragement and support from the entire Barefoot Books community. I’m feeling more connected to others that share my values than I have for years!

Riding this wave of excitement I created a Barefoot Books With Erin Facebook Page. I'll be sharing articles about learning, reading, kids, and parenting, and I'd love for you to join us. (At some point I'd like to start a group but not until a later date.)

I'm really excited about sharing these books (along with fun crafts-cause that's my thing) with everyone, and it'd be even more exciting to make this journey with friends. I have a strategic plan laid out to make this a success. If you are feeling adventurous and want to go on this journey with me, now is the time.  SIGN UP HERE!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I joined a direct sales company. What company did I join? What did they offer? What do they represent? Follow the link to read all about it!

*You may have noticed a lot of bloggers sharing links to company sites with a disclosure that it is an affiliate link. An affiliate link just means that the blogger is a part of an affiliate program. When you use their link to visit a commerce site, they receive a small portion of your sale or a set referral fee. There is absolutely no extra cost to you, but it is a great way for bloggers to move away from random ads on their sidebar to specific products that they CHOOSE to endorse and recommend.


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