The Easiest Way to Paint a Chair

Looking for the fool-proof way to paint chairs? Use a sprayer!

I received a HomeRight Finish Max sprayer in exchange for this post, as always the views expressed are my own. 

 It’s no secret, I love color! About a year ago, I shared our Colorful Pallet Table and mentioned that we still needed to do something about the chairs. I wanted to paint them, but to be honest, the thought of painting chairs makes me tip back my head and say, “ugh.” I hate it.

Then came the January 2017 “Spray It Pretty” Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest® featuring the HomeRight® Finish Max sprayer. That’s when I finally learned the EASIEST WAY TO PAINT A CHAIR!

The single tool you need to make painting chairs a breeze!

You can see from the before image below that our chairs are rather average looking, comfortable, stable, and in need of a paint job!

Even if they have a shine, this is the easiest way to paint your chairs.

The first step was cleaning them, I have four kids you can imagine how dirty these chairs get, and kill that shine. I used a heavy duty window cleaner, and it worked wonders.

With the chairs prepped my husband and I took them down to his shop where we have better air ventilation. And this is where I gush over the HomeRight ® Finish Max. Within two hours we had painted all six chairs. Better yet, we only had to fill the paint hopper ONCE, and since we were using water-based paint, clean-up took less than 10 minutes.

This is by far the easiest way to paint a chair.

My husband usually barely notices my ‘bloggy’ tools and begrudgingly helps out with photos. This time around, I only got a couple swipes of the sprayer before he took over.

Using a paint sprayer to paint chairs.

I can’t complain, he handled the clean-up and told me I really needed to make sure to mention the scoop.

What’s the scoop?

The scoop is actually a viscosity cup. Any paint you use in a sprayer has to be thinned, and it can be a major hassle trying to get just the right consistency. The cup takes out all the guesswork, it really is a time saver worth mentioning.

I'm not sure if this is the right color but at least I know the easiest way to paint a chair!

While I’m not sure if I’m sold on the gray, I am relieved to know that when I find the perfect color, it’ll only take a couple hours to change them up!

The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest® January 2017

Be sure to check out the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest website to find more projects featuring the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer. If you are a fellow blogger and you’re interested in participating in an upcoming contest send an email to

The absolute easiest way to paint chairs is to use a paint sprayer! Love this table!


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