Paper Plate Valentine Holder

A quick and easy Valentine's Day kids craft!

One of my favorite memories from elementary school is making Valentine holders. In particular, I remember bringing a cereal box from home and covering it with bits of fabric and trim. On the day of our Valentine's Day party, we walked around stuffing our decorated Capt. Crunch boxes with those little horrible licensed-character valentines, and we loved every bit of it! 

For this project, I used that memory as inspiration but replaced the box with a couple paper plates to create a sweetheart of a Valentine's Day Holder.  As a homeschool mom, what I love about these paper plate hearts is that they'll be perfect for filling and hanging on the kids' bedroom doors!

Big thanks to Angie and Caroline for putting together these series Craft Lightning projects!


2 paper plates
scrap paper (NOT cardstock)
decoupage medium
hole punch
ribbon or yarn

Gather scrap paper to create a Valentine's Day kids craft.

First, cut up your scrap paper. 

The size of your pieces will depend on how much time you've set aside for crafting. *The holder with the darker red pieces of paper took me less than 10 minutes to put together!

It starts with a couple paper plates and turns into a lovely decoupaged Valentines Holder.

After that, you'll want to gently fold the plates together in the shape of a heart and staple them together, see the above photo.

If you're planning on doing this project with kids they may need help with this step. 

Turn plain paper plates into works of Valentine's Day art!

Now, decoupage your scrap pieces onto your paper plate heart. 

Kids will either love or hate this step because it's sure to get a little messy. 

Seal your Valentine's Day holder with a little bit of decoupage.

After you've covered your heart apply a coat of decoupage medium over everything to seal it and hold all the pieces in place. 

Just a little piece of ribbon finished up this lovely Valentine's Day kids craft!

Finally, once it's dried punch a hole in either side and string a bit of ribbon or yarn through it for easy hanging.  

Paper Plate Valentine's Holder perfect for making as a classroom art project.

So, what are your favorite kinds of Valentine's Day treats? 

A great afternoon kids craft paper plate project to make this Valentine's Day!

All week long, you can click on the image below and follow the link to a collection of Valentine's Day crafts that take 15 minutes or less to complete! 

Big thanks to Angie and Caroline for putting together these series Craft Lightning projects!


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