Kids Craft: Rooster Paper Plate Headbands

Whether you're celebrating the Chinese New Year or barnyard animals the kids will love making these Rooster Headbands!

For the past couple years, the kids and I have celebrated the Chinese New Year by creating a paper plate animal craft. So far we've made sheep and monkeys, and this year we tackled a rooster. I have to be honest, the holiday snuck on me this year, it's January 28th! That's only a little over a week away, but it's still plenty of time to create a rooster headband of your own!

More and more these days I find myself and the toddler twiddling our thumbs while the older two work on their school work. It worked out perfect for this project because his little hands were the perfect size for creating a cock's comb and coloring bright squiggles! Unfortunately, he wasn't up for modeling, but his sister gladly took a break from Math to fill in.

This quick paper plate craft celebrates the year of the Rooster!


  • paper plate
  • orange and black paper
  • googly eyes
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue stick 

All you need is a paper plate and a little imagination for this Chinese New Year Craft!

First, we traced a little hand print onto the center of the paper plate. We worked on the backside of the plate.

Even little hands can help make these Chinese New Year Rooster Headbands.

Second, we colored! To keep the cock's comb from being green, we only used the red crayon, once it was done we brought the rest of the colors out. *Be sure to point out the funny feeling of drawing across the scalloped ring of the paper plates.

Gather the kids together to make these Chinese New Year Rooster Headbands.

Next, I took over and cut out the comb, using the center circle of the plate as a guide.

Great classroom activity to celebrate the Year of the Rooster!

I also cut out two black circles and an orange triangle to create a face for our rooster.

I gave the band a little bend, and little hands helped me glue everything into place, and then we let it all dry.

Kids will get a kick out of making these Rooster Paper Plate Headbands!

If you need, you can give your plate a straight cut in the back to make the headband easier to wear.

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with these Paper Plate Headbands!

I suppose you could keep the plate white, but in my opinion, that would make it a chicken...not a rooster!

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? 


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