Wine Cork Birdhouse Ornaments

Wine Cork Birdhouse Ornaments Use wine corks to make these cute little birdhouse ornaments. They're easy enough to make with kids or when you have a spare 15 minutes!

It's hard enough to find time to craft, now more than ever, our schedules are filled to the rim. Thankfully, it took me less than 15 minutes to make not one but all four of these ornaments.

Way back, starting in 2011 to be exact I'd dedicate the month of November to sharing ornament tutorials it what we affectionately dubbed the No Ugly Ornaments Challenge. I've gotten away from it in recent years but thanks to the Craft Lightning Series there is an excuse to get back in an ornament kind of mind! 

Here's how we created these 15 minute Wine Cork Birdhouse Ornaments!

Easy Birdhouse Ornaments

Birdhouse Ornament Supplies


  • wine corks
  • circular paper 
  • buttons
  • skewers
  • string for hanging
  • glue and scissors
  • sequins and binder clips (optional)

Attaching Buttons to Birdhouses

Use a simple glue to attach the buttons to the center of the wine cork. While the glue is drying begin assembling the other parts of the birdhouse.

Paper Birdhouse Roofs

Tie the string into loops for hanging.

Cut a line halfway through the circles. Then slide the knotted string into the slit, twist the paper to make a slight cone, and glue it into place. We used a strong glue stick that stuck well and quickly. You can always use a binder clip to hold it in place until it is secure.

Colorful Birdhouse Ornaments

The birdhouse perch was a bit harder to make than I thought it would be. Use a very strong pair of scissors to trim one inch off the skewer's pointed end. Then insert it into the cork under the button. 

Birdhouse Ornament Perches

Now use a liquid glue to attach the roof to the house. 

Attaching Roof to Wine Cork

Now is the time to embellish your birdhouse with sequins. 

These are such cute little ornaments, I only wish that I had painted them! It'd be a great way to personalize these little houses even more and I'm sure the kids would enjoy it. 

For more 15 minute crafts click on the image below! 

I completely admit to being an early Christmas celebrator-is that even a word? The fun of most events is the anticipation and preperations why not make it last a little longer by starting a little early? 

When do you switch into Christmas mode?  


  1. Erin, those birdhouse ornaments are just adorable!! We have lots of wine corks and I think that could be our next craft, thanks for the inspiration!

    I'd love if you share it with us at our Sweet Inspiration link up party, which is live every Friday. Enjoy the weekend!


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