Monster Medusa Halloween Popcorn Box

Medusa Popcorn Box Party 2016

It's my second year taking part in the Popcorn Box Party hosted by Laura of Laura Kelly Designs. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post to get entered to win a World Market gift card and see more Popcorn Box designs. 

Last year I played it safe with a cute little candy corn inspired owl, this year I decided to get a little spookier. Halloween is all about monsters, and one of the most frightening monsters I know is Medusa! With a couple of dollar store toys, paint, and glue, we created this amazingly creepy popcorn box!

Monster Popcorn Box Craft

Using the techniques below you can add a Medusa to your popcorn box or candy bowl this Halloween!


  • dollar store doll head
  • bag of plastic snakes
  • green spray paint
  • paint-multiple shades of green and red
  • Two red sequins
  • hot glue gun
Supplies Medusa Craft

First, you'll want to assemble supplies.

Medusa Head Craft

Next, position your doll head towards the bottom of your popcorn box and hot glue it into place.

Dollar Store Medusa Craft Idea

Spread the hair out along the sides and use the tiniest bit of hot glue possible to secure it.

Two Dollar Medusa Craft

Once the head and hair are in place begin tucking in plastic snakes; don't be afraid to cut them it makes it much easier and then you can also use the tails. Glue everything down as you go along.

Medusa Dollar Store Craft

Right now she looks a mess of crazy colors, but don't worry a quick coat of spray paint will instantly transform this project.

Spray Paint Medusa Craft

See? What did I tell ya? It's amazing what a little paint can do, huh?

Glue your eyes on, and if you don't have sequins you can always use red paint or red glitter glue.

Snake Medusa Halloween  Project

To add texture and depth I brushed on different shades of green and a gold metallic.

Medusa Dollar Store Snake Project

Seriously, this is one of my new favorite projects! Sure, she's a bit creepy but not so much you're going to scare the kids!

Monster Medusa and #UdderlySmooth Hallween Costume Contest!

Udderly Smooth is a sponsor of the Popcorn Box Party and is simultaneously running a costume contest. Here's our submission posing alongside Medusa. I don't know if it's obvious, but, I might have been watching Project Runway when I came up with this design.


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A huge shoutout to the PopcornBoxParty2016 Sponsors! 


  1. Looks like a lot of work and very creepy! A fellow Popcorn box crafter visiting from Try it - Like it

  2. How creative! I love your Medusa and your Udder cream costume!

  3. It`s a little creepy but so cool!


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