Kids Craft: Paper Plate Art Spirals

Quick Kids Craft Art Spirals

I spend more time than most crafting and yet when it comes to crafting with the kids the list of to-do projects is always much longer than that of those we have accomplished. If I'm going to be completely honest, I added a historical Art project to our History agenda this year. Take a guess at how many we've done. ZERO!

I think a Family Art Challenge, here on the blog, might be in order because...accountability. Most days I feel like this blog is a letter to my children or a glorified crafting diary! I'm always surprised at how many of you guys are reading; it can be very humbling. It also makes it harder for me to back down on something I say I'm going to do.

Would you be interested in taking part in a crafty challenge?
Let me know in the comments. 

Well, until I get that worked out in my head, last week I finally make a quick bit of art with the kids, Paper Plate Spirals! Here's how it went down.

Creative Paper Plate Craft for Kids


  • Paper Plates
  • Pencils and Markers
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Knitting Needle (optional)

First, we divided our plates into sections. It's really up to you how many, we went with eight.

Paper Plate Kids Craft

Next, we spent a fair amount of time doodling, drawing, zentangling, or whatever you want to call it.

Coloring in Paper Plate Designs

Now that you have all those lovely designs add a bit of color to them!

Cutting Paper Plate Into Spiral

Cut the plate into a spiral.  Use a knitting needle to poke a hole in the center and weave through a bit of string, with a knot on the end of course, for hanging.

Color paper plates spirals

Aren't they pretty?

Get Inspired Paper Plate Spiral Art

I am seriously about the challenge, maybe something to start in the new year?


Tell me what you think.


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