Art Project: Fall Mosaics

Colorful Fall Art Project

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the struggle I've been having in finding time to work on even the simplest of art projects with the kids. Hopefully, this is a good sign, we've finished another.

The trees have barely changed color around here, but the leaves have started piling up, so I thought it fitting to make a mosaic with colorful fall leaves...still on the tree.

Paper Scrap Projects

We began by cutting up lots and lots of scrapbook paper in a variety of shapes and sizes. We did stick to a few color palettes, though. Browns for the trunk, green for the grass, shades of red for the leaves, and later we added blues for the sky.

Autumn Art Projects

As is the fashion in our house, my daughter was all about getting to business drawing a rough sketch to fill in with the paper pieces.

When you do start filling in your drawings be sure to point out that a mosaic will have small spaces between the papers because you are recreated what would have been made with tile and grout. Collage on the other hand, would have overlapping pieces. This is what Es ended up creating - but, that's ok too!

Colorful Fall Mosaic Trees

My son, on the other hand, took his sweet time.

Do you have a child who could build Lego creations for hours but when you ask them to work on a simple art project they have a fit, rush through it, and then try to turn in sloppy, haphazard work? That's my Vin. It's a constant struggle to get him to put as much effort into school work as he does projects closer to his heart. This time I told him I was considering it an Art project meaning, he would get a grade on it.

Glueing Paper Mosaic

We left our work on the table and went back and forth to it throughout the day.

Paper Mosaic Art Project

Our finished projects are below! I think they turned out lovely.

Paper Mosaic Trees

Fall Mosaics

Kids Art Project Mosaics

What kind of projects have you been working on?


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