Kids Craft: Fish Mobile

These are a fun kids craft to make and use to decorate your little one's bedroom! Fish Mobile

I have given serious thought to year round schooling, but when we're nearing the end of our school year I always think, "NO WAY! I need a break!" Then after a couple hours on the first day of our break I remember why I considered year-round in the first place. Because that's when my daughter starts following me around the house professing her extreme boredom. 

Guess that means it's time to bring out the craft supplies and get creative! Honestly, if feels like forever since I crafted with them, so I'm filling the calendar with projects we all want to try! 

Let the little ones get creative making fish faces and patterns for this kids craft: fish mobile.

Here's the first on the list, a wee little school of fish to hang on the wall. 

This would be a great project for a school classroom, each child could make a fish!

Needle and thread
Glue or tape
Dowel or wire hanger

It all starts with paper! Just a couple snips and you'll have a school of fish! Kids Craft

Cut the paper into strips; we made ours 2"x12" and 1"x6". 

Snip on the top right and bottom left, fold them around and slide them together to make a fish!

Cut notches on the top and bottom of the opposite corners. 

Let the kids get creative making fish for a school of fish mobile.

Gently bend the paper to find the center and make a small dot. From there you can decorate your fish with whatever colors or patterns you choose. 

Psst...that means you can walk away and let them get creative!

Fold the paper together and you get a fish!

When you're done designing and drawing, gently bend the paper and slide the two notches together to create your fish.

Your design choices are limited only by your imagination!

Now lay the fish out in rows to make it easier to attach them on your mobile.

It's always easier to get an idea of how to hang your mobile if you lay it all out first.

Use the needle and hang your fish along the thread. A bit of tape or glue will help hold the fish exactly where you want it on the line. 

A little dab of glue will hold the fish on the line where you want them!

Tie a piece of thread from one end of your dowel/mobile to the other for hanging. 

Tie the lines of fish onto the mobile, it's easier if it is already hanging. 

Kids Craft: School of Fish Mobile Idea, perfect for decorating a craft room, kids room, or school room!


We hung our mobile in the craft/school room but I could see it looking awesome in a kids room too!

School of Fish Mobile, A great kids paper craft for expressing individuality. Imagine it would look awesome in a classroom setting.

Looking for more fun paper craft idea? 

Visit for tons of inspiration and projects. 


  1. How fun! I'd love to try a rainbow school of fish!

  2. Thanks for visiting "A Little Bird Told Me" Wednesday link party! You have been featured on Mama's Happy Hive blog. :)


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