A Father's Day Gift Idea - DIY Beard Oil

Father's Day Gift Idea - DIY Beard Oil, Easy enough for the kids to make themselves.

In our house good night hugs mean getting scratched up by Dad’s beard. He uses a beard balm but since it goes on in the morning by the time he gets home he’s back to being a mountain man. So, the kids and I decided to make beard oil for him this Father’s Day. 

You know what makes this an awesome gift idea? It’s a Craft Lightning project which means it only takes 15 minutes to create! 


Basic Essential Oil Set
Carrier Oil - such as almond
small empty containers 
medicine dropper

Father's Day Gift Idea DIY Beard Oil, first you have to start with a carrier oil.

First step we measured 1 full ounce of the carrier oil and put it into our empty containers with the medicine dropper. 30ml equals 1 oz also we used recycled sample sized containers but you can usually find new ones at the dollar or craft store. 

Father's Day Gift Idea DIY Beard Oil The kids picked out the scents.

Second we added our essential oil, I recommend sticking with 18-24 drops. It really depends on the strength of the oil. I let the kids have free reign on their mixtures, thankfully they did pretty good; I don’t know that I’d recommend that for everyone. 

Father's Day Gift Idea DIY Beard Oil, thankfully the kids worked at finding the right scent.

Finally, we made labels!

Father's Day Gift Idea: DIY Beard Oil and the kids are making the labels.

And very carefully placed them onto our bottles.

DIY Beard Oil So easy the kids can make it! Father's Day Gift Idea

I know my husband is going to love this gift! 

Special thanks to this month’s Craft Lightning hosts, The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts, Busy Mom's Helper. For more Father’s Day ideas be sure to visit one of them by clicking the image below. 


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