Potty Time Races: A Potty Training Strategy

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From one parent to another, here's a potty training strategy that's working for me! Potty Time Races #PottyTrainTogether ad #Collective Bias

“We have done this before; we can do it again.” 

Even as an experienced parent, I have to psyche myself up when it comes to this stage of toddlerhood. Potty training is not for the faint of heart. It may be cliche but, every child develops at their own pace and there is no better example of that then when it comes to learning to go to the bathroom.

This is definitely a time for embracing all the little quirks that make our kids unique and using their personalities to work out a potty strategy. Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® can help you find out which potty training character your child is, just follow this link

Our little Des is such a Squirrel; he’s always flitting about from one activity to another; it can be hard to get him to focus and slow down enough to give the potty a try. He does, however, do well with sensory activities and games that keep him engaged so I decided to get a little creative.  

Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Pixar's Cars Lightning McQueen #PottyTrainTogether ad #CollectiveBias

I headed to Walmart to pick up supplies to create a potty game and Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Pixar's Cars Lightning McQueen. They were easy to spot at the end of the diaper and wipes aisle, and you can pick up a small package for $8.97.

It has obviously been a while since I had a toddler in training pants. 

These are so much softer than I remember! The stretchy material on the sides actually stretches without tearing or coming apart too soon, and we’ve had NO leaking issues. Des loves the Pixar's Cars Lightning McQueen design (they also have Disney’s Doc McStuffins for girls) and I love that they have a cool wetness indicator that let’s us both know when he’s wet. 

Potty Time Races

Supplies to create a fun potty time activity for the little racer in your life! #PottyTrainTogether ad #CollectiveBias

Like I mentioned before, Des does well with games so I wanted to use water (I mean we are in the bathroom) to create a relaxing game/toy he would only be allowed to play with while he is on the potty. I'm hoping the exclusivity of it will entice him into giving the potty a try. 

Here are the supplies I used: a set of lidded plastic containers and a beach towel from the homewares section, stickers from the craft section, and water cars from the toy department. Yes, there are cars made for racing in/on water and cars that change colors in the water! 

Crafter's going to craft, even when it comes to creating a potty training strategy for my youngest!

Decorate your Raceway

I decorated one of the containers with racing stickers and Des’s name. You could do the same or even use permanent markers and let them draw on their toy box. 

Once I was done I set the container in the bathroom. It didn’t take long for him to notice it and want to play with the cars inside. Every time he’s asked I let him know he had to try to use the potty if he wanted to play with those toys, and every times he readily works at pulling down his pants and sitting on the potty with no complaints.  

YAY! We're a couple days in and he’s showing more and more interest in the potty. By interest, I mean slowing down long enough to notice it and not run in terror at the thought of using it. 

Potty Training can be a parenting challenge, here's one strategy that's worked for me. #PottyTrainTogether ad #CollectiveBias

Ready, Set, GO! 

The one rule of Potty Time Races is that you absolutely must be ON THE POTTY to play!

To play; add a little bit of water to the container and race your cars from one side to another. Or, you know, be like Des and just bang them into each other like it’s water bumper cars. Place the towel over your little guy's legs so they can hold the container on their lap, plus, it will protect in case of spills and makes it easier for them to dry their hands when they’re done. 

Keep the container in the bathroom. The toys can be moved from potty play to bath time as your little one progresses along with potty training and the container is perfect for storing water toys.

When it's time to start potty training you gotta be willing to look outside the box, here's one strategy that's working for me! #PottyTrainTogether ad #collectivebias

No two children learn to use the potty the same way, always be open to new ideas and ready to switch things up at a moment’s notice. 

Learn more about Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® available at Walmart. 


  1. I really like this idea, Erin! Very original! I have 3 boys (ages 9, 6, and 4) and what I tried with all of them was letting them go naked from the waist down. They learned quickly how to go! But once they were wearing clothing, they couldn't make the connection as quickly. That's where Pull-Ups® came in handy! :) Glad to see your son is enjoying his new potty toy! #client


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