Rainbow Sprinkles St. Patrick's Day Party

It takes so little to throw together a fun Rainbow Sprinkles Party, perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any spring holiday!

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and break up the monotony of our homeschool days, the kids and I decided to throw together a Rainbow Sprinkles Party. With the most basic of supplies we were able to create a fun little soiree. Here's what we did and how we did it, so you can too! 

Party Time! Who doesn't love rainbows and sprinkles?

Our first bit of party prep involved decorating cups and creating food picks with flags. To do this all you need is one roll of rainbow polka dot washi tape and a pair of scissors.

Washi tape to the rescue! A great way to specialize party supplies.

These first two items really don't require instructions, we simply wrapped plain white cups with strips of the tape. For the flags we folded the tape over the end of the food pick and then trimmed it.

I swear I should just make a stash of these little guys, they come in handy more than you could imagine.

The flags were perfect for dipping marshmallows!

These dipped marshmallows are scrumptious and fun for little hands to make on their own. Great party activity.

Need a party activity for kids who are too cool for party activities? 

Set up a marshmallow dipping bar! It was lots of fun. But, remember marshmallows WILL melt if you hold them in the melted chocolate for too long - just as my son. 

Dipped Marshmallows

All you need is almond bark (your choice of flavor) and sprinkles! As you may have guessed I'm partial to the rainbow variety.

Who has time to make complicated punch? Make lime Kool-Aid instead. Rainbow Sprinkles Party

No need to make a fancy punch; there are more than enough shades of Kool-Aid to color coordinate with your party's theme. 

Know the great thing about rainbows and sprinkles? They work for any party!

For more colorful decorations, I broke out our rainbow table toppers, a rainbow boa (great to have on hand for all kids of imaginative play), green striped paper straws, and one of my many Erin-Go-Bragh decorations. 

Should we have a St. Patrick's Day Party? YES! Make it Rainbow Sprinkles!

I LOVE RAINBOWS & SPRINKLES! This party is too much fun!

Normally, I'd have more food but since it was just the kids and I, we went light.  I love making Buffalo Chicken Dip and Baked Crab Rangoons. 

What are your favorite party foods?


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