Our Pallet Wood Dining Room Table

Since our last move, back in 2008, we've had four dining room tables. FOUR! Thankfully I think we've finally got one now that will be sticking around and yes, it's made from pallet wood. 

Love the way she used pallet wood to create a dining room table! It's colorful, economical, and creatively fun!

For a while it seemed like every time I looked on Pinterest I'd see walls made from pallet wood-which, admittedly, we ended up doing in our workshop. The ones I liked best were those that incorporated different painted and stained pieces so it seemed like a patchwork. Originally I'd wanted to recreate the look on one of our walls but when yet another antique dining table bit the dust (sometimes those pretty legs are not ready for four kids) we decided to use the technique to create a table instead. 

Pallet wood is a great crafting medium, here we use it to create a dining room table!

Wanna know how we put it all together? It's actually pretty simple and forgive me, but, since we were working with the pallet wood we had we didn't use any specific measurements. 

1. Collect enough pallet wood that's not treated and of relatively equal dimensions. 

2. Build a frame to attach the pallet wood to, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just so long as it will support the wood and deter sagging/bowing. We used 2x4s.  

3. Paint and stain your pallet wood pieces.

Waiting for stain and paint to dry took longer than putting this pallet wood table together!

4. Glue and screw the pieces to the frame. 

Side story: I told my husband my idea and he went with it, as in went down made the table, glue and all, BEFORE we painted or stained the wood. I really hated telling him it all had to come apart.

5. You might need to trim the sides of the table to get even edges.

6. Use baseboard molding to cover the rough edges.

Use cheap baseboard to cover the rough edges of your pallet wood dining table, plus check out those hairpin legs!

7. Attach legs, we used hairpin but really it's up to you. I ordered these through Rockler and this is not an affiliate link. Also, you might want to look for a discount code, pretty sure you can get at least $10 off that price. 

Ignore the horrible flooring (the new stuff is coming soon) and focus on those awesome hairpin legs on a DIY pallet wood table!

Ignore the horrible carpeting in the picture above and


So far this seems like a pretty simple project, right? Well, there is one GIANT thing we didn't do that I wished we had. My husband suggested it but in my infinite wisdom pooh-poohed his idea as unnecessary. Can you guess what it is?

FILL IN THOSE CRACKS! I think I was so eager to have it in the house I didn't even consider the amount of crumbs my family creates or the amount of time I would spend vacuuming out those cracks. Hopefully a layer of epoxy will fix our/my mistake. 

Our pallet wood table was easy, inexpensive, and custom made to fit our family's funky and colorful side!

Now that we have the table done there's one glaring problem (outside the flooring-which is on the home project list), the chairs!

Have any suggestions on how to liven them up?

Do you love pallet wood projects? 
Be sure to check out some from my blogging friends below! 


  1. Such a great table! I love all the colors!

  2. What a beautiful table! I love that you chose to use different colors. It really makes it so unique!

  3. This is a genius idea!! Love the colors! so lively!

  4. I have the "crumb" issue with my kitchen island... live and learn.

    Your pallet table is beautiful, I love the legs. I say paint each chair a different color, but what do I know? lol


    ps I'm a no-reply comment blogger-I can't fix it. myrepurposedlife (at) gmail

  5. Creative and so unique. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  6. Coolest. Table. Ever. Love this idea. I've seen really expensive tables like this for sale at furniture stores and have always wanted one. Maybe now I'll take the plunge and try to make one. It looks awesome!

  7. Love your ideas! These all seem very easy, and especially since my husband works in a logistics company and most of the time, they have used pallets that are discarded, so this is a great way to have the pallets recycled...and in a very creative manner, at that! This is a good idea for a crafts business, even. Thanks for sharing!


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