3 Simple Tips Every Cat Owner Should Know

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3 Simple Tips Every Cat Owner Should Know! Before you get a cat from the shelter be sure to keep these things in mind!

I never thought I'd own a cat, I always considered myself more of a dog person. Things definitely change because here I am with not one but two felines who are far and away my favorite animals in the house, outside my children of course. I don't know if it's the way Love stands guard at Desmond's feet when he naps, how Kiera rolls around on the floor looking for a good belly rub, or when they both turn their fickle attention to me, but much to my chagrin, and I'm pretty sure theirs too, I have grown completely smitten. 

A cat's loyalty is something that is definitely earned and once you get it, it feels pretty good. Both our girls, Love and Kiera, are rescues. We adopted Kiera from a shelter and Love became a regular feature in our yard, so we brought her in out of the wild. We all have our baggage and as much as I'd never hold it against a person, I don't hold it against our cats. I just wish someone could have warned me about the specific needs of some shelter and wild animals.

Are you looking at me?

With that in mind I've collected my top three tips for raising a shelter cat. I'm not a veterinarian or animal expert, this is based on my observations and advice from our vet. 

#1 FOOD: Pay attention to your cat's stools. 

Did you know cats can get irritable bowel syndrome? It makes sense if you think about it; not knowing where your next meal would come from might lead to the development of gut issues. During Kiera's first month with us she was bloated, didn't want to be touched, and the litter box was just, no words. With our vet's help, we were able to rule out more serious problems and put her on a diet that worked for her. If you notice something is up with your cat's stools, see the vet! Speaking of stools...

#2 LITTER: Cats are complicated. Great litter is simple.

If you get nothing else out of this post, understand this: Cats are complicated. Great litter is simple. 

Like their owners, cats can be allergic to litter, but there is a safe option out there, Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® Hypoallergenic Unscented Multi-Cat Scoop Litter.

Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® Hypoallergenic Unscented Multi-Cat Scoop Litter easy to find on the cat litter aisle at Walmart.

Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® Hypoallergenic Unscented Multi-Cat Scoop Litter found at Walmart.
You can find Cat’s Pride® at your local Walmart; the Ultimate Care® line is easy to spot in the green jugs and silver lids.

Cat’s Pride® uses a US mined, all clay formula which translates into stronger clumps that don't break apart when you're cleaning out the box, low dust when you're refilling, and it doesn't track through the house. It also boasts 10+ day odor control and powerful absorption* and is now over 50% lighter at 10 lbs †. The shape of the jug and handle makes for easy carrying and pouring too.

Cat’s Pride® has over 50 years of experience creating cat litter, so they're a name you can trust. In addition to partnering with the American Humane Association, they've joined up with the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation™and a portion of every sale of Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® supports the Foundation and their mission to end animal cruelty.

Because everyone loves savings, be sure to visit the Cat’s Pride® offers page.

#3 PLAY: An active cat is a healthy cat. 

I'mmmm gooooinnnnng toooo getttt iiiii! I'm going to get it!

Cats are hunters, challenge them with play! True to her wild upbringing, Love is a very active, curious cat, but Kiera is not. It took a while, but by offering her a chance to play and hunt she's slowly come out of her shell. Sometimes she just watches Love, but other times she's in the center of all the fun. 

Being the DIY crafter I am, you know I've got to share a quick and easy way to make your own toys. 

A run through of how to make catnip filled sock toys for your feline friends! via @mvemother

Step 1: Gather the following supplies: old socks-we used toddler sized but any will do and pantyhose, needle and thread, buttons, felt, ribbon, and catnip-you can find this at Walmart too.

Step 2: Fill the toe end of the pantyhose with catnip and knot closed. If you run out of toes just create a pouch by knotting both ends of the hose. 

Step 3: Sew on your button eyes, felt ears, and whiskers.  

Step 4: Sew the end of a ribbon to the inside of the sock. 

Step 5: Create a drawstring.

Step 5: Fill the sock with old plastic bags and the catnip hose pouch. 

Step 6: Pull closed your drawstring, tie it up, and trim the thread.

A great way to reuse your old socks! Create simple catnip filled cat toys!

NOTE: As you can see with our pinkie we trimmed the sock close to the drawstring but now that our cat has been playing with it, it's starting to unravel. I'd recommend what we did for a blue creature instead, just roll the sock down. 

You'll never believe how easy it is to make these catnip socks, I had no idea you could get catnip at Walmart!


Okay, I was really trying to find a way to fit this picture into the post because this silly cat NEVER sits like this. She must have known there was a camera and decided to go all diva on me. Anyway, don't mind her, read on about the sweepstakes.

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Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Cat Litter

What advice would you give a new cat owner? 

*Based on laboratory testing, when used as directed.
†See packaging for details.


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