Kids Craft: March Comes in Like a LION...Masks

March comes in like a Lion right? Celebrate the season with this fun Kids Craft or Classroom Activity! A Lion Mask!

This past weekend we started working on our master bath; it's one of the final steps in a home addition that has been three years in the making. I can't wait to show you the final results, just a few more projects to finish up. So, with the smell of pipe cement wafting through the air I decided the kids and I needed to make something to remind ourselves that spring is right around the corner. 

One of the many sayings I remember is "March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb." Well, with this craft we've got the lion part covered! This would make a great classroom project, I tried to use Art box supplies but if you need to speed things along a glue gun and utility knife will make some of the steps much easier and quicker. 

What a great classroom activity to celebrate the first day of spring! March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Paper plates
Construction paper
School glue sticks
craft sticks
hot glue gun
Scissors/utility knife

Paper plates are cheap crafting tools and perfect for the classroom! Check out what @mvemother made with this one!

Step One: Cut out half of the center circle of a paper plate. You can use scissors for this step, or a utility knife. 

Make a lion mask to celebrate the first day of spring! This kids craft uses supplies you'd find in an art supply box.

Step Two: Color the remaining half of the center circle of the plate orange and in the center color a triangle in black or brown. 

Curling paper strips to create a lion mask! A great craft to make with the kids to celebrate the spring. March comes in like a lion...

Step Three: Cut orange and yellow construction paper in half lengthwise and then into strips, they should end up being about 4"x1".  Cut the brown paper the same way but into 2"x1" strips.  Curl them around a pencil. 

Glueing all the pieces into place on our March Lion masks! A great spring kids craft!

Step Four: Create your mane by layering and glueing the construction paper curls around the paper plate. 

It's so much easier to make masks using a stick! Kids Craft: Lion Masks for "March comes in like a lion..."

Step Five: Attach the craft stick to the back for easy holding. 

What a fun kids craft! March comes in a lion so why not welcome the season with a mask using supplies you can find in any art box.

Have you done any home renovations? 

Share your stories and make me feel better about how terribly long it is taking us to get this done!

Oh, and hope you enjoy your masks!


  1. This is such a cute and fun craft! And I love all your animal crafts!


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