Give Old Furniture A Fresh Start With This Cross Stitch Paint Technique

Give an old piece of furniture a "New Start" with this fun cross stitch paint technique! It's a LOT easier to do than it looks!
I received product in exchange for this post, opinions expressed are my own. I feel that I should also warn you this might get photo heavy.

This month I was lucky enough to make the cut for another Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest and in keeping with the new year the theme is, “A Fresh Start.” All contestants received a quart of Chalk Style paint from this month’s sponsor, General Finishes. They produce, “…award winning waterbased topcoats, waterbase wood stains, glazes and oil based finishes for your next home project.” This was the first time I’d used the product and I was impressed with the paint’s low fumes and depth of color.

Special Thanks to General Finishes for providing the paint for this project.

The piece I chose to makeover was a bookshelf in desperate need of help. When we moved into our house, eight years ago it was in an outdoor shed. We kept it because despite it’s lackluster (read dirty) appearance it was very sturdy and a great size.

This the before and you'll never believe what the after looks like!

To prep the shelf, I cleaned it (though you wouldn’t be able to tell) and started to give it a quick sanding when I realized the top was actually a piece of particle board, thankfully it was easy to pry off and there wasn’t any damage underneath it.

Per the instructions the first coat of paint went on thick and by the second coat I had the color I wanted.

Once cleaned and lightly sanded I began painting using the Fjord Blue Chalk Style Paint. It was recommended to paint three to four coats but I achieved the color I was hoping for with just two.

Just sketch and paint! That's all you need to do to create this cross stitch paint technique.

Now that the main paint job was done I wanted to add a painted cross stitch pattern to one of the sides of the shelf. This is actually a fun paint technique that requires little painting skills. You can either freehand or use a cross stitch pattern as a guide. Sketch it out in pencil and then go over your markings with paint.

The flowers on this painted cross stitch pattern are simple and a lot easier to recreate than you'd imagine!

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces in the house and before I put the books in it I thought I might have to fight the cats for it! The shelves are the perfect size for curling and napping.

From above you can't see the awesome paint technique used to dress up this forgotten book shelf. Be sure to follow the link to see what the rest of it looks like!

Give a New Start to an old forgotten piece with this cross stitch paint technique.

To see more projects from this month’s contest be sure to visit hosts, Stacy of Anastasia Vintage and Evey of Evey’s Creations. Plus, if you're interested in participating in future contests just send a message to

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  1. Looks great! What a cute idea!

  2. Adorable design Erin, I love crosstitch and it gives the piece such a wonderful homespun vibe!

  3. Great color and love the stitch pattern!

  4. Wow! I would never have looked twice at that dusty old bookshelf - now it's beautiful.

  5. What a creative idea! I love that blue color!!


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