Stamped Paper Cup Party Hats

Paper Cup Party Hats

It's New Year's Eve! How many of you are celebrating with kids tonight? Here's a quick an easy craft you can make to ring in the new year with style, Paper Cup Party Hats! 
I received product in exchange for this post. 

To make Paper Cup Party Hats you'll need: 
paper cups
elastic thread
hot glue gun
hole punch
PSA Stamps and Stamper
glitter paper
embellishments - 
We used pipe cleaners, ribbons, washi tape, and tulle.

Happy New Year Stamped Glitter Paper Medallions

To begin I used a PSA Stamper and Peel & Stick Stamps to create these glitter paper scalloped circles. 

Creating Straps for Paper Cup Hats

Next, I used the hole punch and elastic thread to create straps for our hats.

Embellish Paper Cup Party Hats

Personalize your party hats by adding embellishments, the shinier the better! 

Party Hats Made From Paper Cups

I made the two above and the two below were made by the kids! 

Paper Cup Party Hats made by kids

Hope you have a great New Year! 


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