DIY Holiday Tissue Paper

Sometimes it's more about the wrapping than the actual gift, am I right? Sure bows and ribbons are nice but there's something about tissue paper that makes a gift extra special to me.

DIY Stamped Holiday Tissue Paper

I have a crazy love for tissue paper. It started at a young age; my great grandmother would wrap her gifts in it, making the simplest trinket seem immeasurably significant. Maybe it's because you don't rip into tissue paper like you do average wrapping paper. No, it requires a delicate hand and gives everything wrapped up in it a decadent feel. Add a logo or personalization to the paper and you've stepped things up and even higher notch!

Stamped Tissue Paper

Here's a quick way to make your own DIY holiday tissue paper.

1. Gather tissue paper! Throughout the year I save up all the tissue paper, usually from bagged birthday presents, and I'll also grab whatever I can find at after Christmas sales.

2. Next grab your handy dandy PSA Essentials Stamper and chose either holiday stamps and ink colors or go with a classic monogram.

3. Stamp away! Just remember that these are highly sticky stamps and tissue paper is delicate, it can and will stick to the parts of the stamp that aren't inked AND it will bleed through. That said, it does dry quickly so you don't need to worry about smears.

I'm always looking for new ideas, tell me about how you add a special touch to your wrappings in the comments below!


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