Crafty Gift Idea: Edison Bulb Lamp

Great DIY gift idea you don't have to DIY! Gather these supplies together, box it up, and give it to your favorite crafter! Or decoupage a bottle, get the Edison bulb from Darice Crafts, plus the bottle adapter, and keep it for yourself!

This post was sponsored by Darice Crafts and let me just's awesome! 

The who, what, where, when of making this craft is below the video-friendly reminder - if you open the viewer on YouTube you can give it a thumbs up! What I want to talk about first is why this is an awesome DIY/Crafty gift idea. In fact, I've put together three reasons and they are:


When I shared this idea with my sister she pointed out how expensive lamps are and noted that this is a good alternative! How right she was; the bottle adapter is $6.47 (the mason jar adapter is $10.97) and the bulbs range from $5.97 to $15.97.  Definitely an affordable alternative and one you could switch out and change with little to no effort!


You don't HAVE to use a bottle, the stopper works in pipes too! Wouldn't it be fun to create a funky pipe sculpture/floor lamp?


If you are actually giving this as a gift (as opposed to keeping it for yourself) there's nothing that says you HAVE to do the work yourself. Gather together the bulb, adapter, and other crafty materials and gift it to your favorite DIYer. (I talk about this in the video and give suggestions for what to pack in that gift box.)

Now that I've got your attention, check out this video!

Since I didn't really go that into it the video here's a little rundown of how I made my bottle. 

How to decoupage a wine bottle and turn it into an Edison lamp to give as a crafty DIY gift idea.

First I gathered together some scrap paper with ripped edges. I also had a little paper doll I used, isn't she cute?

For the decoupaging, you put a layer of the medium on the paper pieces and/or the surface (bottle). I prefer using sponge paintbrushes. 

Once it has dried, brush another layer of the decoupage medium over the paper to seal it all down. 

That's it! 

This is a fun crafty gift idea a lamp with an Edison bulb and a decoupaged wine bottle!


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