Craft Lightning: Fringed Juice Lid Ornaments

Every time I say Craft Lightning, "Grease Lightning" starts playing in my head. 
So, guess what time it is, "Go Craft Lightning, Go Craft Lightning!" 

Craft Lightning is code for quick and easy, these Fringed Juice Lid Ornaments are just that. Easy enough for kids to craft and perfect for adding a rustic feel to your holiday decor.

I told myself I wasn't going to make a single ornament this year, who was I kidding? I'm not sure if this one will fit into the Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge we're doing this month, but it might. (Be sure to check it out and follow along at #NUOrnaments15!)

Back to today's project and yes, it's an ornament. In keeping with the craft lightning requirements it takes less than 15 minutes to complete.  

To make your own Fringed Juice Lid Ornaments you'll need: 

frozen juice lids 
cowboy fringe (1-2 yds should be plenty)
hot glue and gun
PSA Peel and Stick Stamps & Cabernet Ink Refill
craft paper label sheets
circular paper punch

Here's a quick craft using PSA Essentials stamps, create fringed juice lid ornaments this Christmas.

Using the "North Pole" Peel and Stick stamp die set and Cabernet ink, I stamped up a piece of craft label paper before using the paper punch to create my stamped stickers. 

I chose these colors and patterns because they fit with the fringed, rustic theme of the ornaments. If you were to chose a different colored fringe be sure you coordinate it with the rest of your colors too. 

Putting the fringe on these rustic Christmas ornaments is easy if you roll with the glue.

Using the hot glue gun I added the fringe around the lid. 

It worked best laying the fringe out, putting a line of glue right on the edge of where the fringe actually starts, and then rolling the lid along the line of glue. 

Don't forget to glue down the edge of the fringe that isn't fringy to the back of the juice lid. 

NOTE: The entire reason this works is because it is fringe, if you were to use a ribbon it would have to be gathered, otherwise you'd end up with an ugly, cylindrical ornament. 

Final touches to the Fringed Juice Lid Ornament adding these stickers made with PSAEssentials "North Pole"  stamps. They give it a definite rustic feel.

With the fringe in place I added a sticker to the juice lid and strung a piece of twine through the hole. Shoot, I forgot to mention I'd already drilled holes in a bunch of the juice lids.

No worries, since you have your glue gun out it's just as easy (probably easier) to glue your twine to the back of your juice lid. 

Fringed Juice Lid Ornaments are quick and easy and a perfect addition to your rustic Christmas look.

Easy Peasy!

It took me 15 minutes to put together four ornaments and only one of those minutes was spent explaining to my kids why I would start and stop the stopwatch every time I pulled out the camera.

Click on the image below and visit any of our three hosts to find
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Craft up a handful of these Fringed Juice Lid Ornaments to give your Christmas a rustic style.


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