@MVEMother Reviews: Pinblocks

I received this product for review, the opinions expressed are my own.

Holiday Gift Idea for kids who love to Building Blocks - Pinblocks, a new twist on an old idea!

Show of hands, who's finished their Holiday shopping for the year? Yeah, me neither.

I don’t normally share toy reviews but when the opportunity to try out Pinblocks presented itself I jumped on it. My kids love building blocks and Pinblocks feature a new twist (literally) on creating that I hadn’t yet seen. Watch our video review to learn a little more. 

When shopping for toys for two kids who are close in age (a 10 y/0 boy and 8 y/o girl) I ask myself, can they play with this together? The Pinblock Freestyle sets come with 1,000 pieces, but when I saw how little they were I was skeptical there'd be enough to go around. I was wrong. They have added on to the castle shown in the video, I made a cell phone stand, there are a couple bracelets floating around, and we STILL have pieces left. 

Building Block sets are expensive, but, in my opinion, they pay for themselves by encouraging creative play after the pre-designed models have been scrapped for pieces. The random shape of standard building blocks can pose some limits, but because Pinblocks are all one shape their simplicity actually opened up more opportunities to create realistic 3D buildings, moving parts, and flat designs.

If you’re looking for a new kind of building block set to give this year, I would highly recommend Pinblocks! In addition, I encourage you to visit pinblock.com where there are tutorials, galleries, coupon codes, and GIVEAWAYS. 


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