Craft Lightning: Halloween Edition - Poseable Mummies

Craft Lightning time again and for this year's Halloween Edition we have poseable mummies!

Over the years I have loved being a part of Angie and Caroline's Craft Lightning Series and challenging myself to create a cool craft that can come together within 15 minutes. Last year I was on a major tin can kick when Craft Lightning time rolled around, the year before that I was painting tree branches, 2015 it's all about the Mummy!

As you can see in the picture above, Poseable Mummies aren't just easy crafting they're also perfect for a little Halloween fun. The kids and I had a blast posing Osiris (yes, our mummy has a name) around the house. I've already made a couple friends for him, Tut and Cleo.

Here's the rundown on how to make your own family of mummies to pose throughout your house this Halloween.

Poseable Mummies! Easy to make, don't require a ton of supplies, and perfect to pose around the house this Halloween!

  • Floral/crafting wire (I found mine in the craft section at the Dollar Tree)
  • Jewelry plyers 
  • rags (I used an old-school Curity cloth diaper)
  • hot glue gun
  • googly eyes (optional)

First up you'll want to twist and shape your wire to create a stick figure. To add a bit of dimension I use two loops to make a spherical head.

Making Poseable Mummies for Halloween decorating with @mvemother.

Old school cloth diapers make great all-purpose rags and since their ends are cut on a zig-zag it's also super easy to rip them into strips. Once you get a nice sized pile of one inch strips you can start wrapping your wire mummy.

Be sure to glue as you go! If you don't when you start posing you're mummy's wrappings will move around and you might show a little wire.

The head can be tricky but keep in mind, if just a little bit of the wire is showing you can always hit it with a bit of glue and push/pull the rags up to cover it.

Making Poseable Mummies for Halloween decorating with @mvemother.

When it comes to eyes, it's really your preference. While I like the little guys without eyes my kids insisted on adding a little googly. "To make it a funny mummy," they say. 

Making quick and easy Poseable Mummies for Halloween decorating with @mvemother.

I know it seems early but Halloween will be here soon, so be sure to set aside a little time for holiday crafting! For more spooktacular project ideas be sure to click the image below for more Craft Lighning magic!

Have a little fun this Halloween crafting a poseable mummy with My Very Educated Mother!


  1. This is so awesome!! Thanks for joining!

  2. This is such a cute DIY project. I love how simple it is. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. This is so much fun - I think I need to make an army of them! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love these! I want to make a bunch and hide them all over my house!! :D


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