The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest: Geometric Dresser

It's my first #FabFlippinContest piece! Makeover a drab dresser into a geometric piece of art!

*I received free products for this post and as always the views and opinions expressed are my own.

Flipping furniture is a hobby my husband and I both enjoy and it's something we can usually do together and, surprisingly enough, NOT want to rip each other's hair out! Somewhere in the last couple years though, our projects moved to my husband's 'shop' so what happens is, I tell him what I want and he does it. Yeah, I'm lucky that way, unless, um, I really like painting, prying things apart, glueing them back together, and changing out hardware.

SPEAKING OF HARDWARE...and before I go off on an entirely different topic.

A little over a month ago I found out about a new contest called The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest. Can you guess what it's all about? Yep, flippin' furniture. I'm hoping you can see where I'm going with all this; I missed working with furniture and then along comes this contest inviting me back into the fold, urging me to get my hands dirty... so yeah, I signed up!

This is where the hardware comes in, this month's contest is being sponsored by D. Lawless Hardware and the theme is Icing on the Cake. Go check out their site, it's easy to see how the theme and sponsor fit together. They have tons of amazing hardware to look through and just when you think you've seen it all you'll click over to the matching set and a whole new world will open up!

Now, as much as I love color and bold designs, I'm a bit of a minimalist too. So I'm loving the geometric look that's making the rounds right now and I had it in mind when I upgraded this little three drawer dresser.

This is the before picture, wait until you see the after! #FabFlippinContest

I gave the base, and a couple drawers, a coat of black satin paint. The third drawer was painted white,just to be different. I knew I wanted to mix up design techniques so while I left one drawer black I taped up the other (yes it's electrical tape-I couldn't find the painter's) in a geometric pattern.

It's super easy to create a geometric pattern on any piece of furniture!

From there a picked three colors and got busy painting. There was no rythme or reason to which segments of the taped drawer I filled, I went with what looked right.

Furniture Makeover: Geometric Dresser

Go figure, the blue paint I'd picked was an old outdoor acrylic and it ATE OFF the original black paint! I'm considering it a happy accident though because I love the way the original finish looks mixed with the colored shapes.

Use tape to create geometric patterns on furniture, it's super easy!

Now for the icing on the cake, the hardware! We were given the opportunity to choose pieces from D. Lawless Hardware and I was completely overwhelmed. In the end I went with what, I'd like to believe, every DIY kinda gal would, the DIY knobs and pulls!

LOVE being able to make my own hardware thanks to D.Lawless Hardware's DIY knobs and pulls!

I have so many old buttons from my Grandmother and my thrifting adventures. I used E6000 to glue two black and two orange ones to the knob bases. As for the pulls, I left them naked. What can I say I liked them that way! I'm thinking about painting a design on them, or maybe adding a few Scrabble tiles but I'm not ready to commit to either idea just yet.

Make your own knobs and drawer pulls, courtesy D. Lawless Hardware, to compliment a geometric paint pattern on an otherwise drab dresser.

This month's contest co-hosts are Michelle at Dandelion Patina and Evey at Evey's Creations. Be sure to hop over to their sites and check out their projects and if you are interested in participating in future contests contact Stacy ( or Evey at (

Turn your drab dressers into fun geometric pieces of art!


  1. I just love the entire design. While doing this contest, I asked my family what is your favorite. They both chose the same one. (Mine was to be excluded) When I showed them yours as mine... they understood my description of why. It's remarkable. Colors, design and overall appearance. (and presentation) Fantastic job! :)

  2. What a great overall designed piece! Love the DIY hardware choices you made here, it really sets this over the top.


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