Bubble Blower Tie-Dye Technique

#TIEDYEYOURSUMMER With @ilovetocreate and @mvemother using this unique Bubble Blower Tie Dye Technique

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Summertime is all about having fun! What better way to let loose creatively than to Tie Dye Your Summer with Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kits.

I'm always eager to try crafting techniques that are outside the box so for this tie-dye project I took a chance with a bubble blower. Yes, a bubble blower. I'd read about other bubble tie-dye techniques  using straws but they seemed overly complicated and messy. Instead I wanted to keep it simple and thankfully the bubble blower wasn't just easy to use, we didn't make a mess!

To create your own Bubble Blower Tie-Dye Projects you'll need the following supplies:

  • A bubble blower
  • Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit (Mine had five colors and refill packets!)
  • extra containers of bubble solution
  • small dishes (optional, depending on the style of your bubble blower)
  • plastic wrap (for the dying process)
  • clothing item you'll be tie-dying - I'll be working with a set of white curtains

First things first - this is an outdoor project

Tie Dye Technique: Bubble Blower Mixing dry dye into bubble mixture

To start off you'll need to mix the dye into your bubble mixture. Since my tie-dye kit had refill packets I simply added them into the bubble mixture containers. I added no extra water and GENTLY shook the container to dissolve the dye. 

Tie Dye Technique: Bubble Blower  Loading up the bubbleblower with dye mixture

Once we had all our colors mixed we poured them into to small containers for loading up the bubble blower. 
Tie Dye Technique: Bubble Blower So easy even the kids can do it!

Once we got the hang of the bubble blower, that's when the real fun began. Vin and Es took turns using it to color the curtains. We weren't really sure what kind of pattern we'd get but once the bubbles started popping on the fabric it was easy to see it was going to create a splatter paint effect.

Tie Dye Technique: Bubble Blower Creating a fun MESS-FREE splatter effect

We're a Pollock kind of family and to be able to create this abstract look without getting dye everywhere, staining our hands, and/or dealing with messy spills took me by surprise. We've done splatter painting before...the proof was all over our little court for months! This time around I only had to rinse out the recyclables and throw the rest in the trash.

Even Vin, who apparently took off his gloves when I wasn't looking (too busy taking the pictures) had clean hands when we were done!

From here I followed the instructions provided in the tie-dye kit.

This is where I wish I had mad photography skills so I could show you how awesome these curtains look when the sunlight hits them and they take on a day-glo quality. Okay, I did take a couple pictures but I'm warning you the lighting is horrible, forgive me.

Tie-Dye Technique: Bubble Blower This pic doesn't do this project justice, it looks so awesome!

My bad photography aside this was such a fun, easy, and mess-free project. I can't wait to do it again, but next time, we're doing t-shirts!

Tie-Dye Technique: Bubble Blower It's a fun, easy, mess-free way to create a splatter effect!

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