DIY Fire Starters

These aren't the prettiest fire starters but they'll get your camp fire or bonfire blazing!

I'm looking forward to many family bonfires this summer and fall but getting the fire started isn't always easy. Here are three fire starters that are easy to make using supplies everyone has on hand.  

Firestarter One - Instructions are on the images but I didn't add one crucial step if you want them to burn longer. *When you stuff the dryer lint into the paper rolls add cotton balls that have been dipped in petroleum jelly.*

These are awesome DIY Camp Fire Starters - be sure to visit this post to find out a special hint at keeping them lit longer.

Firestarter Two - This is the classic firestarter. While we used leftover candles to secure everything in wax, I would recommend buying a brick of canning wax. I ended up needing more wax and it would have made it much easier than melting down new candles!

These are classic DIY Fire Starters for camp or bonfires.

Firestarter Three - This is a method I picked up from one of our Girl Scout leaders. I can't remember if she included the dryer lint but I know instead of twisting the ends she dipped them in candle wax.

These DIY Fire Starters make use of many recyclable materials! Find this and two more DIY firestarter methods on the original post!

These 3 DIY Fire Starters are sure to light your fire!


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