DIY Bubble Wands

It's super easy to make your own bubbles and wands!

I always forget how much fun bubbles are until we get outside and watch them swirl in the air and get carried across the yard. 

Because it seems like it's been forever since the kids and I made anything, we made our own bubble wands and bubble mixture. It went a little something like this.

For a couple dollars you can make your own bubble wands!

Supplies: pony beads, dollar store crafting wire, paint bottle, and needle nose pliers. 

Cheap and easy kids craft? Bubble wands

We cut about a 10 inch piece of wire and used the paint bottle to shape our wand. We chose to make a pattern with our pony beads - sorry no pic of that.

Making Bubble Wands

Be sure to save a little bit of wire on the end to loop and tuck so that there are no sharp edges exposed.

Make bubble wands with just a few supplies.

That's it! I think it might have taken us about 10 minutes to make a few wands and that includes all the times I stopped to take a picture. 

As for the bubble mixture, we used the recipe on The Artful Parent but added a smidge more dish soap because, I don't use Dawn. 

Playing with Bubbles!

Desmond thoroughly enjoyed the bubbles, well when he wasn't eating them or licking the wand.

Playing with bubbles and our own wands.


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