Stamped Air Dry Clay Dishes

We’re wrapping up the week with another stamping project using PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamps and only the stamps! No ink, or paper, needed for this one.

Stamped air dry clay turned into a cute dish, great gift idea! @mvemother

I love working with air dry clay so much that it’s becoming increasingly harder to let the kids play with it! Don’t worry they made dinosaurs and finger casts while I made this little dish. It’s not really a bowl, not really a tray, so I guess it’s a dish? The supplies and instructions are super simple but it will take a couple days to complete…it is air dry clay. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • air dry clay
  • Vanilla Alphabet Peel and Stick Stamp Set
  • paint
  • brushes


Hold onto your hats ladies this is a tough one…just kidding!

Now, you could roll your clay with any round flat object and form it so that it is perfect and smooth. I did not. Since this was an off the cuff crafting moment, I just used my fingers to pinch and shape my dish.

Air dry clay project using stamps! @mvemother
Once I had it how I wanted it I stamped it with an e, for Erin. Yep, I made this one for myself!

It wasn’t hard at all, just be sure not to press it so far into the clay that you can’t get it out without digging into it.

These would make great personalized gifts! via @mvemother
Give it a day or so to air dry and then paint away! I chose red and a bright blue.

Stamped Air Dry Clay Dishes would make great kids crafts! via @mvemother
STAMP CARE! Oh no! Now your stamps are covered in powdery clay! No worries. The awesome thing about these stamps is that they regain all their sticky power with a simple rinse of water. In fact I feel like they get even stickier after they’ve been washed!

Stamped, air dry clay dish! Great gift idea via @mvemother
I see many more stamped clay projects in my future, don’t worry I’ll be sure to share them! For more stamping crafts by sure to stop by the PSA Stamp Camp blog!

Awesome idea to use stamps on clay! via @mvemother


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