Save in Style With a Vacation Savings Jar

For the first time in years we are taking a family vacation and heading to the beaches of Florida! I can honestly say I don’t think Nate and I have taken an official vacation the ten years we’ve been married. Let’s face it, when you’re in a land-locked state, no matter how fun day tripping and staycations can be they don’t compare to the beach.

The thing about vacations, or any trip really, is that unexpected expenses are more a rule than an exception. To plan for that extra t-shirt or another bottle of sunblock we’re squirreling away a dollar, now and then, into our stylish vacation savings jar. Who says savings jars have to be plain and boring? We brightened ours up with Peel&Stick Stamps from PSA Essentials.

  • clean and empty 2-liter bottle with cap
  • scrapbooking paper
  • label paper (mine is pre-cut in scalloped circles)
  • crafting knife
  • PSA Stamper
  • Stamp Die Alignment Tool
  • Stamp Centering Block Tool
  • embellishments (I’m using ribbons and washi tape)
  • glue and tape

For the stamps themselves I’m using the following colors and Peel & Stick Stamps sets:

Poppy-Grapefruit Ink Refill - Turquoise-Lime Ink Refill - Lime-Grapefruit Ink Refill
Life's a Beach Set  - Anchors Away Set  - PSA Essentials Mom's Calendar Set Stamps & Embosser

First things first, if you want to make your jar VERY hard to get into I recommend hot-gluing the lid in place. After you’ve done that you’ve got to create a slot so that you can put the money INTO the jar! Using a dry erase marker I drew a guide and then used the crafting knife to cut the money slot.

So that we didn’t have rough plastic edges, and to draw attention to where the money actually goes, I lined the slot with washi tape. After that I measured, cut, and taped a piece of colorful scrapbooking paper around the bottle. A generic bottle measures 13 1/2” around so you’ll probably have to use more than one piece, just make sure your improvising on the back of your bottle.

Next up I made my vacation themed stickers with the stamps and ink pads! Have fun mixing them up and if you’re using pre-cut stickers, like I did, you really must use the Stamp Centering Block Tool. It takes the guess work out of centering your stamp so you don’t waste stickers or your time.

Once the stickers are done, pull out your embellishments and start decorating! 

It’s amazing how much a little bit of pom-pom trim can change a kid’s perspective and make saving fun. Both Es and Vin voluntarily gave a few of their own bucks to start our vacation fund.

Whether your saving for a vacation or a new pair of roller skates, decorate your own savings jar and save in style; and don’t forget to stop by the PSA Stamp Camp for more great stamping projects like this one!



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