How to Make Worry Dolls

Make a quick set of worry dolls to help with nightmares! via @mvemother

Intended to soothe a child’s nightmares, Guatemalan worry dolls are easy to make, and most definitely, NOT just for kids! Before you go to bed tell these little guys your worries and fears, slip them under your pillow, and legend has it they’ll spirit away those negative thoughts!  Or you can always tuck one or two into your purse and use them throughout the day to relieve anxieties.

To make a set of your own worry dolls all you need are pipe cleaners, embroidery floss or yarn, scissors, and a bit of glue. Watch the video below for instructions.

I forgot to mention during the video, if you have any loose strings or unraveling use a bit of school glue to hold it all in place!

After I made a few of these for myself the kids wanted to make some of their own, apparently mine were not good enough for them! While this project was challenging the yarn made it much easier and it took less time to cover the pipe cleaners. Here’s a few photos of our crafting afternoon.




DIY Worry Dolls

This post originally appeared on Craftastic TV on April 14, 2015.


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