Father’s Day Gift Idea: JUNK FOOD STASH

It’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gifts. Men are notoriously hard to shop for but there’s one thing almost everyone loves and that’s junk food! This year set up Dad with a snack stash he can take to work, hide in a workshop, or on top of the refrigerator.

Quick and Easy Father's Day Gift Idea - Junk Food!
After a quick trip to the store, I was able to put together five quick snacking gift ideas. While they’re perfect for Dad they’re also great gifts for teachers, bus drivers, mailmen, etc. With the help of my PSA Essentials stamps I was able to create cute sayings and cards to go with each piece!

Here they are, the saying and stamps used are below each picture. To create the gift tags I used scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper and mailing labels.

Great gift idea using candy and stamps!
Starburst Candy - Super Star Set - Turquoise Ink Pad

Goldfish Snack Gift Idea using PSA Essentials stamps
Goldfish Snacks – Anchors Away Set – Royal/Poppy Ink Pad

Orbit Gum Gift Idea using PSA Essentials stamps
Orbit Gum – Rocket Stamp Set – Turquoise-Lime Ink Refill

Milky Way Gift Idea using PSA Essentials stamps
Milky Way Snack Size – Rocket Set– Black/Lime Ink Pad

Ring Pop or Pop Rocks Gift Idea using PSA Essentials stamps
Ring Pop (Pop Rocks would be MUCH better if you can find them) – Smile Stamp Set – Holiday Red Ink Pad

Snack Food Sayings for a Quick Gift Idea

Junk Food Sayings for Quick Gift Ideas


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