Mod Podge Fun: The Guitar Session

Mod Podge Fun: The Guitar Session @mvemother

As a crafty blogger, sometimes I feel like every project that I share has to be new and on point with the latest trends. The problem is, sometimes the crafts that fill my weekend aren’t those things. They’re simple DIY projects, or classic crafts, that rely on the same staple techniques, tools, and products people have been using for years.

Today’s post features such a project. I used Mod Podge and Embellish by Dena: Kumari 6x6 scrapbooking paper to cover an old guitar and in the process breath a little bit of life into our rather stuffy music-themed wall. I didn’t use a homemade recipe or unconventional technique; I followed the directions on the bottle. No fancy cutting patterns just squares, rectangles, and triangles. Though the process itself is rather simple the results are anything but!

Guitarbridge #modpodgeprojects #crafting #simplecrafts

guitarfrontview #crafting #simplecrafts #classiccrafts

guitarsideview #crafts #modpodgeideas #DIYdecor

Look at that side view! It’s my favorite part!

musicwall #DIYdecor #unconventionaldecor #crafts


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