Where’s My Gold: A Seek and Find Game

This post originally appeared on Create.Craft.Love. on February 10, 2015. 

What's St. Patrick's Day without a little scavenger hunt! Where's Waldo, word finds, and even the puzzle in a Highlights magazine, I love a good seek and find game. This activity promises the chance to get crafty with the kids and go on a treasure hunt! 


You'll need the following supplies for this project and make sure to plan for drying time.
  • rocks (grab a bag of the white or clear ones from the dollar store)
  • cardboard egg carton
  • gold  and black paint
  • gold glitter
  • paint brushes
#potofgold firstlayerofpaint

To start off coat the rocks in a layer of gold paint. Be sure to flip them over and get both sides as well as all the edges. Be forewarned, you’ll probably get lots of paint on your fingers.

#potofgold sprinklingofglitter

While the paint is still wet – on one side – sprinkle on the glitter.

#potofgold secondlayerofpaint

Continuing to work with the wet paint and glitter, muddle them together with the brush just enough to create a textured effect. This also helped to make the rocks look more realistic, the little bits of the glitter coming through will shine when the light hits them!

#potofgold paintingthepot

The pots are just as easy to paint, and yes, you’re libel to get paint on your fingers with this one too! Cut out the individual egg forms from your carton and give them a coat of black paint both inside and out.

Give everything ample time to dry and then fill your pots with gold!

wheresmygoldgame #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #Stpatscrafts

That was the make portion of this project, now it’s time to turn what you’ve made into a game.
When the kids are in bed, or at school, hide the gold in a specific room. If the weather is nice you could take this game outside or if your kids are older go ahead and hide the pieces throughout the house.

Leave the empty pot somewhere they can find it along with a note that reads:

“Those pesky pixies are at it again! They’ve taken me gold and hidden it throughout the house/kitchen/yard. I’d be much obliged if ye would help me find it and I’ll show ye my gratitude with a small reward.”

Whether, and what, you offer as a reward is completely up to you!


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